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How do I beat Elizabeth Greene??????

She's a freaking beast and I can't break her defenses at all except by going back and forth using devastation attacks, refilling health, devastation attacks, refilling health... What do I do???

Accepted Answer

philliphong answered:

I posted this some time ago:

This is an easy answer!
All you have to do is use the whip sword thing.
Target the bottom 3 parts and use the (Y) attack.
It should reach her and be sure to do this while running around and dodging the Hunters and all the rocks she throws.
I suggest you keep using the whip sword because it is the only effective weapon through out the game in my opinion.
When low on health, run to the back of the building right before where she is and start consuming infected civilians or Hunters.
When you have enough HP go back out and start attacking the three parts again.
After all three are destroyed, you should be able to attack the main body.
You have to do this a few times to kill her.

Hope this helped.
Good luck!
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PlasmaticFury answered:

I kept doing devastator attacks and running on top of buildings refilling health then repeated. It took me a long time but she eventually went down.
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