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Game length?

I need to know how long the game is after you receive the full body armor (darksector ripoff) and blade and can hijack helis. I rented the game and need to bring it back today and completed pretty much every one of the side quests so far. I'm guessing i'm pretty close to the end but If i look at the web thing It's only like halfway. So if I am indeed halfway I will just go and buy the game. If I am near the end I will just keep it one more day.

Accepted Answer

JKiii answered:

You're actually half-way. There is still much more. (I think you've only don about 1/4 of the events) and even after that there are still the special game achievment challenges (beat it in hard mode, beat it without dying, beat it with consuming less than 10 civilians)
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marine_cap answered:

If your good at it 1 Day most. noob = 2 1/2 days most!
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