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How are devastators unlocked for purchase?

See topic for question. I started a game and am on the mission In The Web, and my friend started a file and is on the mission The Stolen Body. I have access to at least two devastator upgrades, he has access to none. We're both playing on Normal, on the same console, on different usernames. We've both bought similar things in the Upgrades menu; in fact, I think he's bought significantly more than I have. What's the deal?

AVowelAccident provided additional details:

I'm thinking that the Groundshatter, Knuckle Sandwich, and Palm Slam upgrades are needed to unlock the devastators, but during the missions where you have a little bit of a problem with some of your powers, nothing unlocks at all until you've got that situation resolved. That may explain the discrepancy. If I learn anything else, I'll update here with a more complete and singular answer.


JKiii answered:

Buying Certain Upgrades makes them availalble. Getting GroundShatter, Knuckle Sandwhich and Palm Slam (and there air versions) unlock them

but this is the 2nd incident I've seen with this problem.

I assumed maybe some other moves were required in order to get them

But When I did my Normal and Hard run, I gotten them almost the second those move (groundshatter etc) were available. with almost nothing else bought (I remember I had all the Jump and Run upgrades, Whipfist and Musclemass and that was it)
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inn0c3ntl0wlife answered:

Well, he is on a mission that is after yours right?
Doing some of the missions unlocks more of the abilities.
Although you still need to buy the abilities.
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zeppo_basic answered:

Also, make sure you have at least one level of Critical Mass upgraded, cause without it you can't use any Devastators...
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swat90 answered:

ok this is verry easy to answer, each devastator has a button combo that must be used to preform it (like the tendrill devastator uses x+y). but there are also nondevastator moves that use the same combo as a devastator to preform (like ground shater uses x+y). and I personaly found out that after getting it (ground shatter) I could buy the tendrill devastator. So in conclusion if you know the combo needed for a devastator and know annother move that uses the same combo just buy the nondevastator and you should be able to buy the devastator.
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