Question from roxas_zero1

Asked: 5 years ago

Will this game support co-op?

I heard somewhere this game would be co-op also does anyone know this for sure?

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From: fiske 5 years ago

It does not any more

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I dont think so becous frome all of the reviews that i saw i dident heard that they were talking about co-op

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They did talk about it and they said they took it out, although that was last year. I saw another video of them saying that they had put it back in and that one was more recent. Although both these videos were probably the summer/fall when i saw them.

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I don't think it will but it would be awsome if they did. especially if you didnt have to share a screen like Fable 2.

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If it does its going to be crackdown style, not offline and i think i read somewhere tis co op or any multiplayer. Might release it later as a patch, if the game sells well.

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No co-op. No multiplayer of any sorts.

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Prototype will not have a cooperative mode

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That would be awesme

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No co-op. but it has been said if the game does well enough they will make dlc that would be co-op

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i has online but I dont think it has offline co- op

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