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Asked: 5 years ago

When will i get my fully body armor?

I need to know when will i get the fully body armor?

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From: T2_Inzzane 5 years ago

You get it after consuming a Boss-Hunter, just play the story.

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No you get it after injecting the virus into a hunter and consume it(Mission)

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You will get it and the blade when you complete 16/31 missions if i remember well.

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After defeating the 1st boss. You will lost some of your powers (Claws, Hammerfist,Shiled,Whipfist,MuscleMass) about 3 missions later (which are all about trying to find a way to get them back) you will get your powers back PLUS Blade and Armor

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You get Armor from beating one of the missions.
You will fight a boss during the story, after you beat him you'll lose a lot of your powers.
A couple missions later, you get your old powers back, as well as sword and armor powers.

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