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Asked: 5 years ago

Dose prototype have xbox360 cheats?

Dose prototype have xbox360 cheats?

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From: Darkhawk19 5 years ago

body surf

Select Extras from the Main Menu and go to Cheats
Enter: Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down

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yes there are. There's a section in the extra.

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There might be a few cheats the only one i know of is the bodysurfing cheat(where you can bodysurf at the beginning of the game

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Im looking for cheats cause i already beat the game and i wonder what it would be like being invincible and with unlimited ammo and being the actual mot bad ass person in the world...

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Well i dont blame you for cheating.. it adds replay value and plus you paid 60 dollars for the game im pretty sure you can do anthing you want with it...

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there is a codes section in the extras menu, and for some reason, I don't think they'd have 65 thousand possible codes only to have a SINGLE one (body surf) work, which is given out on release day anyway...
Feel free to try and hardcrack them.

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To all these people saying why cheat... some people have beat the game already. We want to have fun causing extreme havoc instead of what we can do now

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YES! Once you have beaten the game WITHOUT cheating then it's ok to use cheats just to replay and go nuts! Games are meant to be enjoyed and played as long as possible to get your money worth. Cheating only makes the game quicker to beat and then its over. Where's the fun in that? I prefer to play the game naturally and work for all the rewards the game gives me. It's more satisfying that way.

If you can't win without cheating..............find a new hobby lol!

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Yes it has cheats. Only one is currently available at this time.
Don't listen to what the other self righteous jerks say, this is a single player game and it effects nobody but you and your game experience.

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The extra section has a few tips but why would you want to cheat?
Playing the game is all the fun. :)

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"Seriously already asking for cheats comon y cheat wut kinda gaming experience are you gonna get cheating"

ive beat the game twice now, got gold on all of the events and platinum on some
done all consume events and finished the WOI
i wouldnt mind a few cheats to make things more interesting
especially one to make you stop being thrown around like a rag doll....

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Only one cheat to give you body surf ability.

I'm waiting for other ones to arrive, though.

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Okay. So far there is only one cheat. (as on this site)
I've looked around and still haven't found any. (other than body surf)

Most likely, the developers are not going to release them until people have a while to play this game and the hype about it dies down a bit.

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As the community manager of Activision stated on the official Activision forums, There is definitely NO CHEATS available. Body Surfing is the ONLY CHEAT they made for an entire menu and that cheats were never planned for retail version, only for developers.

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There is only one currently and there will only ever be one. The makers of the game said that the only cheat of in the game is the bodysurfing cheat, which is in the cheats section of this website.

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Yes there is a cheat it's only for body surfing though, it's been official that it is the only "cheat", to access this on the main menu before you start your game to Extras and select cheats then input the following. Once entered it is unlocked for your character to perform it just jump in the air and use a kick by pressing X and that's it just hit a person.

Enter: Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down
There are no other cheats so no you cannot go around with infinite ammo for guns or unlimited health.

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There are no other cheats. The option for entering the Body Surf code is "Enter Code", implying that there is only one.

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