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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
'Fire in the sky' event, impossible??? Answered 3
After i beat the game?? Answered 1
Can anyone give me tips on these events? Answered 1
Can the "Web Of Knowledge" and "nice guy" co-exist on the same file? Answered 1
Can you help me with these events? Answered 1
Certain Web of Intrigue targets not spawning? Answered 3
Demolition help??? Answered 1
Do you get anything for getting all Radical scores? Answered 3
Fire in the Sky Event. This defines impossible. Help? Answered 1
How do I beat the mission where u have to protect dr. ragland? Answered 4
How do I get platinum in disembowelment? Open 3
How do I get the Landmark under the big bridge? Answered 3
How do I get the Surface-To-Air achievement? Answered 1
How do I protect the thermobaric tank.? Answered 1
How do I skyjack a helicopter? Answered 3
How do I solve after flushing out McMullen? Answered 2
How many nodes do you need to get the achievement origion? Answered 1
I can't find my contacts phonebooth? Answered 2
If a Web of Intrigue target dies, does it respawn later? The targets get shot by the military sometimes. Answered 10
If one of the web of intrigue targets dies? Answered 2
If you destroyed the military bases? Answered 1
Kill and movment event help? Answered 1
Missed a web person? Answered 4
Mission help? Answered 2
Shock and Awe mission? Answered 6
When is the last chance to find all the people in the web of intrigue? Answered 1
When you look at the different achivments you can get you see 2 that have no description? Open 3
Where do I find the Center of Power event? Answered 2
Will i be able to diveroll whilst in full body armor ? Answered 4
Woi..? Answered 2
Strategy Help status answers
Beating Curvaceous? Answered 3
Best way to complete these events? Open 2
Bodysurf? Answered 2
Bullcrap... ? Answered 1
Bulletdive Drop ? Answered 3
Can you link combos with different forms on the fly? Answered 6
Do Hunters, Leader Hunters, and Hydras Count toward the Trail of Corpses Achievement? Answered 7
Do you lose all your powers when you beat the game? Answered 1
Helicopter side missions? Answered 4
How do I do supermove?? Answered 1
How do i get in vehicles? Answered 12
How do you pull off devistator attacks? Answered 5
How to get gold for Street Sweeper event? Answered 2
I need cheats? Open 1
I was wondering what the stats at the end of the mission meant? Open 1
Ihave lost my powers and stuck on the mission after it wat do i do? Answered 6
Irony Event? Answered 1
Later military base consume events, is there a good strategy to infiltrate them? Answered 3
Map for WOI's? Open 4
Revenge Revisited? Answered 1
Strategy for Street Sweeper Mission Platinum Medal? Answered 1
Tanks? Open 5
Tips n Tricks For hardmode? Open 4
Trail of Corpses? Answered 2
What is the best strategy for catching objects thrown by hydras? Answered 2
What is the best strategy for collecting genetic material from the hive? Answered 9
What is the best strategy for Destroying the military bases and hives? Answered 14
What is the best way to beat the war mission "final warfare" ? Open 3
What is the best weapon for each kind of enemies? Answered 4
What is the quickest way to get the achievement trail of corpses? Answered 1
What upgrades do you need to buy to perform a devastator attack? Answered 1
Which are the devastators and how do you activate them? Answered 2
Why can't I blow up a military base from the inside? Answered 1
Why does regeneration always stop at half? Answered 2
Other Help status answers
([{-Prototype-}])does alex's claws,hammerfist.ect... change wen they get upgraded? ? ? Answered 22
3 parter (Consists of 3 acheivement questions)? Answered 4
ADD-onns ? Answered 2
Any one have cheats for this yet? Answered 4
Anyone find any easter eggs? Answered 10
Are there any other cheats that can be used in cheat code screen? Open 2
Are there any unlocks? Open 6
Are you able to swim in this game? Answered 7
Base Interior? Open 1
Bird ending scene? Answered 2
Calling off alerts? Answered 2
Can I "Level My Way Out Of Trouble"? Answered 4
Can somebody tell me when the game is availbel in israel? Answered 4
Can u change the city back to normal? Answered 3
Can you censor this game like gears of war 2? Answered 2
Can you destroy buildings like in Red Faction? Answered 6
Can you do all side quests even though your just about to do the last mission? Answered 1
Concetrated Barrage? Answered 2
Consume 10 Civlians or Fewer... does this include Military or any Infected? Answered 2
Consume Events? Answered 1
Consuming Karen Parker? Answered 4
Correct me if im wrong but....? Answered 6
Demo? Answered 3
Destroying Hives? Answered 2
Devastators? Answered 2
Do military consume target respawn after failing a mission? Open 2
Do the unlocked events stay unlocked after i start NewGame+ ? Answered 2
Do WoI Targets respawn should they run into an... accident...? Answered 2
Do you get every single upgrade after you beat the game and start a new save in Prototype? Answered 1
Do you have a certain stenima while your running or is it just run however long you like? Answered 7
Do you have a power bar? Like if you use a power it will deplete that bar? Answered 1
Does Alex have any secondary costumes or outfits? Answered 3
Does Prototype include a mature content filter? Open 1
Does the body surfing cheat disable any achievements? Answered 2
Does this game have AI infighting? Open 1
Does you actions shape the city? Answered 6
Dose prototype have xbox360 cheats? Answered 17
Easter eggs? Open 4
Easy mode for new game+? Open 1
Expierence points? Answered 9
For Trail of Corpses, do you have to get all the kills in one story file or can they add up between stories? Answered 2
Fully Destructible? Answered 4
Game length? Answered 2
Gliding....or flying? Answered 1
Glitch? Answered 1
Good Birthday game? Open 2
Hard to Kill Achievement? Answered 1
Has this happened to anyone else? Answered 1
Helicopter Upgrades? Answered 2
Hope and Origon Achievement? Answered 1
How Come Some FEllow US got there hands on Prototype already ....? Answered 5
How do I get the HARD Infected Consume events to spawn? Answered 1
How do I use Devastator attacks? Answered 2
How do u get weaponary and vehicle upgrades? Answered 1
How do you beat elizabeth green? Answered 3
How do you BLOCK attacks? Answered 9
How do you get the patsey achievement for 360? Answered 3
How do you glide? Answered 1
How good is it compared to Infamous? Answered 12
How hard will the game be? Answered 5
How many missions are there? Answered 1
I beat the game and didn't get the achievement for learning what happened to Alex why? Open 5
In the game can you have claws and then the blade or hammer fist, like each hand is a different form ??? Answered 8
Is all of New York city in this game? Answered 1
Is it preferred? Answered 5
Is their other collectible stuff besides orbs? Open 2
Is there a New Game+ for the Easy difficulty setting? Answered 1
Is there any chance of a [PROTOTYPE] sequel? Open 6
Is there any way to land on the aircraft carrier in the harbour? Answered 2
Is this game short or is it long? Answered 1
Its him acheivment? Answered 4
Its keep poping things from the screen? Open 2
M rating? Answered 2
New Game + Achievements available? Answered 2
New Game +, Mankind is your Mask? Answered 2
New Game+? Answered 3
New Game? Answered 1
Nice Guy achievement HELP? Answered 1
Nice Guy Achievement? Answered 13
Pariah? Answered 2
Prototype 2 ? Open 3
Pt ... I got it but not? Open 2
Pt????? Answered 2
Question about the body surf cheat. Anyone know? Answered 1
Recommended games?!?!?!? Answered 3
Recommended games??? Answered 3
Save event data? Answered 1
Scientifics? Answered 2
Secret power ? Open 3
Sequel? Open 1
Severed Leg? Answered 2
Should I buy this game? Open 3
Special consumes? Answered 1
The bloodtox filters? Answered 4
Unlocking Groundshatter Drop? Answered 1
Update for the game..? Open 3
Upgrades? Open 3
Web of intrigue help? Open 1
Web of Intrigue Map? Answered 3
What building is this? Answered 1
What does Core mean? Answered 4
What happens if? Answered 1
What is biomass, and how does it work? Answered 1
What is body surf ? Answered 1
What is critical mass? Answered 2
What is up with new game +? Answered 5
What's the health like? Answered 1
What? Open 1
When do you get the sword hands? Answered 2
When does it come out june 9 or june 10? Answered 4
When will i get my fully body armor? Answered 6
When will Prototype DLC come out? Answered 5
Where are all of the WOI? Answered 7
Where is the review? Open 3
Which button for cheat code? Open 1
Why don't I take damage? Answered 6
Why infected returns ?? Open 3
Will there be more cheats other than body surf? Answered 6
Will this game support co-op? Answered 10
Will thre be different weather inthis game? Answered 6
Worth it? Answered 1

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