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How do i enter the bunkers?

In chapter 2 you recieve a radio transmission from jose saying hes trapped in a bunker.

i cant find which bunker it is (he says its by the cape) and all the bunkers i go to it seems that i cant enter them, but they have workbenches or portal icons in them.

any idea?

Kosmo240985 provided additional details:

I still cant find where this bunker is. none of the bunkers have any fences near them.

Kosmo240985 provided additional details:

Nvm i found it :) but i still cant figure out how to enter the bunkers to the north of the map.

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joshbdellinger answered:

If you go to the southern most bunker too early, Jose wont be there, the easiest way to know when is you should hear a radio broadcast while exploring some of the bars that he needs help. I believe Bigdaddykarz may have had a glitch because when i showed up all the zombies were outside. Theres about 8 walkers and 1 Thug.
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bigdaddykarz answered:

Open up your map and go to the bottom of the map and set a way point on the portal by the beach , follow your way point and when you get there Jose is trapped inside the bunker by 3 zombies on the outside and 1 on the inside of the fence. Kill the 3 on the outside of the the fenced gate and than go up to the gate and kill the zombie just inside the gate by using a weapon with a little length on it ( hammer , wrench etc..) you have to angle yourself to hit the zombie bettween the small opening in the fenced gate where the gate comes togther you can't kill the zombie through the fenced part of the gate.
After you kill all the zombies Jose will open up the gate and let you in and he will give you pistol ammo for helping him.
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