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Guns were do i find them?

Where can i find a gun i only found one but i wasn't a high enough level. But i need it to kill the two guys with guns I'm tired of dying and i can't get co op very often. Im on chapter 5 lvl 15

DLane1488 provided additional details:

Ok thanx i found some guns but one bullet in them how do i find ammo

Accepted Answer

End0FDaYs answered:

You'll have pistals from the gangs. You'll get the shotgun once you get to city hall and then the auto and burst rifles when you do the quest for the market. So far the melee weapons are still the best so conserve ammo for the needed long range shots and the harder brutes such as thugs, floaters... Etc.
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cluelessdye answered:

Just keep doing quests and you will be awarded with pistols... at that same area i had a sluggish pistol... there is also a better pistol given from a quest from a guy within the church
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