Question from gamertilltheend

Asked: 3 years ago

Weapon Skins?

I found two blueprints that drastically change the skin of the weapon used to create it (Phoenix-->Big Axes, and Old Smokey-->Machetes)
Does anyone have a list of ALL of the skin changing blueprints and where to find them?

Side Note: The Phoenix is AWESOME!

Accepted Answer

From: LestatPotter 3 years ago

There is also the Tesla mod for Sledgehammers and the like. It seems to be a mod that's about 1000 bucks to make in addition to the ingredients is most likely to change the look of your weapon. Except for gun mods, they tend to leave the gun as is.

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Looks like some kind and clever person has now posted a Blueprint/Mod guide - my advice would be explore and complete missions, you'll get 'em all soon enough!

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