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Can i go back into the hotel after the mission?

I've been doing the quest in the hotel where i get to the pool and past the elevator and in the kitchen and after that mission..How can i go back there? Because i've been in the hotel after the mission and where is the elevator i cannot go back to the pool or the kitchen area..Because i'm trying to get all the collectible and i've missed some there.. Is there any way to get back??

Accepted Answer

xXEBV3000Xx answered:

No once you have finished the mission in the hotel you can not return in the kitchen area or the elevator area. However, once you have beaten Act 4 you restart at the beginning of the game with all the missions to be completed but you keep your weapons and stay at the same level. The game's difficulty level is a bit higher as well. FYI, once you have beaten the game a first time joining coop missions with someone who has not yet beaten the game may cause gliches!
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