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Why can't i play in splitscreen?

Reason why I ask this, is that it says on the back of the game's case that there are 2-4 offline coop, 2-4 system link coop, and 2-4 online coop how come i can't do the offline coop otherwise splitscreen?

Asura23 provided additional details:

Actually it might require the person you are also playing with to have a character as well so i will try that


SilentLoner answered:

Yeah, that's pretty misleading. There is no splitscreen in this game.
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Motorexskygtr34 answered:

First of all, SilentLoner is right about no splitscreen however it is not misleading.

If you look at this closely, it does have system link which also says 2-4 co-op that only imply to system link only. So therefore, in order to make this works, you need to have 2-4 xboxes, 2-4 games, and 2-4 tvs depends on how many friends you want to get set up with a system link up to 4 players locally. This is an answer to your question.
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sandman1053 answered:

I am looking at the box now, and ASURA23 is correct. "(Players 1) (Co-op 2-4) (system link 2-4). I don't see this as misleading as much as I do as it being just plain incorrect info on the box. The should not have put the co-op info on the box since they have put the system link info there, since this game is obviously NOT able to be played split screen.
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