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Secret skulls information for you?

The skulls I have found?
Purple skull, I found in sewers, the drop off point, was in Alicia's house, during sidequest, "Uninvited Guest". there was a lit stove, that you have to activate, after collecting the reward the skull dissapeares and can be seen on a shelf in the other room. This is not the pick up point for the blue skull as previously stated in a previous answer.
Orange skull, Found just as you enter the supermarket area in a trolly. The drop off point is in the sewers between the mayors office and the supermarket.
Green skull is on a rocky crag on the southern most part of the resort area, near a sunken sailboat. The drop of point is a teddybear in the supermarket.
Bunker 6 portal leads to a bunker with no number, blow up a door there to reveal another room and the drop of point for the blue skull, which I dont have yet???
Anyone know any more about the blue and brown skulls???


Nayroy answered:

Tells where all the skulls are, if this dosen't help message me on XBL, GT is Nayroy. I'll help you find them.
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toy813 answered:

I found the blue one in one of the boat house on act 1 i think it will like for it again
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