• Achievements

    Complete the described tasks to unlock the achievement and it's allotted gamerscore.

    Anger Management (10)Smash 8 shots in a row (Single Player modes only)
    Bronze Wing (15)Beat Arcade mode on Easy
    Defender (15)Return 20 Power Shots in a single match (Arcade mode only)
    Fear Of Heights (15)Win a match without jumping on Normal or Hard (Single Player modes only)
    Gold Wing (35)Beat Arcade mode on Hard
    Pacifist (15)Score 8 points using Short Shot in a single match (Single Player modes only)
    Perfection (20)Win a perfect match on Hard (Single Player modes only)
    Power Trip (20)Score 8 points in a single match using Power Shots (Single Player modes only)
    Practice Complete (10)Complete the Practice Mode
    Signum IV (10)Defeat Signum IV on Normal or Hard
    Silver Wing (25)Beat Arcade mode on Normal
    Survivalist (10)Hit the bird 15 times in a row (Single Player modes only)

    Contributed By: Shadow..