• Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    28 Minutes Later (20)Beat Zombies Story Mode.
    Addicted (30)Win 20 Ranked Matches.
    Ball Hugger (30)Catch 20 balls in Ranked Matches.
    Chuck rules! (15)Beat Ninjas Story Mode.
    Dish Best Served Cold (5)Successfully counter a shot in Story Mode.
    First! (5)Win a match in Story Mode.
    Just Getting Started (10)Win a Ranked Match.
    Neo (5)Dodge a powershot in Story Mode.
    Plunder that Booty (15)Beat Pirates Story Mode.
    Reboot (25)Beat Robots Story Mode.
    There's Always a Catch (5)Catch a ball in Story Mode.
    Untouchable (35)Counter 30 shots in Ranked Matches.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.