• Alternate Menu Screen

    An alternate menu screen is unlocked upon completing the single player campaign.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate Menu ScreenComplete the Single Player Campaign

    Contributed By: bomb_man24.

  • Unlock Movies

    To unlock the contents of the selection "Movies", you must complete the Single player campaign and Kane's Challenge.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Kane's Challenge MoviesComplete Kane's Challenge with that faction of choice.
    Single Player Campaign MoviesComplete the Single Player Campaign

    Contributed By: bomb_man24.


  • Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Ascendancy (100)Complete Act III of the Campaign
    Cybernetic Conqueror (10)Play in a quick match game as the Marked of Kane
    Eco Warrior (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with ZOCOM
    Finesse Fanatic (10)Play in a quick match game as Traveler-59
    Fire in the Skies (20)SECRET:Destroy the Philadelphia - The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar
    Fist of the Prophet (75)Complete Act II of the Campaign
    For the Prophet! (10)Win a Skirmish game with Nod
    For they are LEGION! (20)SECRET:Raise the Marked of Kane - Will Made Flesh
    From Beyond (10)Win a Skirmish game with the Scrin
    From the Ashes... (75)Complete Act 1 of the Campaign
    Good Job, Commander (10)Play in a quick match game as GDI
    Granger's Finest (10)Win a Skirmish game with GDI
    Great Potential... (10)Complete Boot Camp
    Heir to the Blood Cult (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with Reaper-17
    Heretic's Bane (20)SECRET:Capture brother marcion
    Hotshot (0)SECRET:Skip Boot Camp - Boot Camp
    Kane will be Pleased (10)Play in a quick match game as Nod
    MARV Masher (15)SECRET:Destroy all three GDI MARVs - MARV Rising
    Master of Manipulation (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with Traveler-59
    Mindcrusher (10)Win a Skirmish game with Traveler-59
    No School like the Old School (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with the Steel Talons
    Nod Loyalist (15)SECRET:Rescue all Nod units from the Traveler-59 Cultists - Hearts and Minds
    Off to a Good Start (15)Play in a 1v1 Custom match
    Off World Oppressor (10)Play in a quick match game as the Scrin
    Oh, the Hubris (15)SECRET: Destroy Brother Marcion's Statues [Campaign Act 1 Scene 3 : Persuade Him...]
    Oh, the Humanity! (10)Use a Superweapon in a match
    Oh... You're Good... (30)Defeat a Brutal difficulty AI in a 1v1 skirmish match
    Old School (10)Play in a quick match game as the Steel Talons
    Peace through Power (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with Nod
    Power through Peace (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with GDI
    Puttin' Heretics to the Flame (10)Play in a quick match game as the Black Hand
    Reaping Just Rewards (10)Play in a quick match game as Reaper-17
    Ritual Sacrifice (10)Win a Skirmish game with Reaper-17
    Scorched Earth (10)Win a Skirmish game with the Black Hand
    Scrin Overseer (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with the Scrin
    Sharp Work (10)Win a Skirmish game with the Steel Talons
    Sonic Suppressor (10)Play in a quick match game as ZOCOM
    Soulless Victory (10)Win a Skirmish game with the Marked of Kane
    Team Player (15)Play in a 2v2 Custom Match
    The Way of the Future (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with the Marked of Kane
    Thieves in the Temple (15)SECRET:Steal all the Gold Bullion - All that Glitters
    True Ascendancy (100)Complete all Campaign missions on Hard Difficulty
    Vanguard of the Prophet (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with the Black Hand
    Zone Lockdown (10)Win a Skirmish game with ZOCOM

    Contributed By: Guard Master, bomb_man24, kaine316, and ferret37.

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