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Is there a storage container or anything to store supplies?

A weapon cache, footlocker, anywhere to store weapons so i do not have to sell everything.

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og255 answered:

If you download the Mad Moxxi's Underdome DLC, there is a bank for you to store items in that has a mex capacity of ~42 (after fully upgrading). But that does require you to pick up the DLC.
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MarthApprentice answered:

No, there is not.
You can, however, get storage pack upgrades for your character, by saving various claptraps scattered throughout the game.
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statesofeuphria answered:

Buy Mad Moxxi. That is the ONLY reason to purchase it. The DLC itself is like pulling teeth.
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Volturnus1 answered:

I hereby confirm what og255 said, the only way to get a bank to store weapons in, is by buying the mad moxxi dlc.

On a sidenote I would like to point out that the mad moxxi IS fun when you play coop with rl buddys alot.
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