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Anything to do after the game ends?

Other than resart, after you beat the last boss is there anything new that you can do, such as a new mission secret bosses or special weapons you can only get after you beat the boss?

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cooleyes37 answered:

If you go to Earl's Scrapyard after you beat the game, even if you just load up your first playthrough, you can see "Scrappy All Grown Up". I am sure there are other easter eggs, but this is the only one i ran across, just cause i had to go back to get my last Claptrap Rescue.
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acoustic_Cowboy answered:

Well on the second playthru when u start over the first ammo machine has the final orange ammo capacity upgrades and the enemies start with levels in the 30s. Other than that and better loot not much at all changes, no new special weapons or bosses, just harder enemies to help you get to level 50
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Sasquatch8080 answered:

After you beat it a second time through, all enemies are like 48+ and all vending machines, weapon chests, etc contain 48+ items.
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RykOrama answered:

Yeah, do like i just did and get Zombie island of Dr. Ned DLC
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vonmonj answered:

Not to be rude and correct you Cowboy, but has anyone else noticed the different shades of orange items? The same thing goes with the Ammo Capacity Upgrades, further along in the second playthrough you can in fact get even better SDU's for ammo.
Personally I have not found anything significantly different in the second playthrough. However there are many more opportunities to find rare items weapons.
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van8888 answered:

@vonmonj - I noticed the different shades of orange too. I've been seeing different shades since relatively early too. Assumed it was a glitch / bug
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vonmonj answered:

Currently in all my inventories I have a range of colour going from nearly yellow to pumpkin of doom orange. Orange is rare, and the developers have further divided the rarity by shade.
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zuzu304 answered:

Well yeah enemies are tougher at 2nd playthrough. To answer your question van8888, there are 3 different kinds of orange. Light orange, orange, and dark orange. Dark orange being the rarest.
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aredingt answered:

Now now, don't forget the forever elusive Pearl weapons...

No idea if there are any legit ones yet, but there are a few Hex-modded once floating around.
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T846 answered:

new game +!! you restart it with all of your weapons, upgrades, etc. and the enemies are upgraded in level. (in the beginning where they would be level one, they are now around level 30-35). its cool because you get better weapons and that way you wont have to keep beating the final boss in order to get to level 50, which is what i thought i would have to do when i beat the game the first time. :P
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noobnowmaster answered:

Yeah vonmon i've noticed different colored orange items too, isn't it weird? i noticed it when i was reorganizing my weapons in my inventory
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Tninja008 answered:

yes. after you beat the game, theres still many of things to do. Do chalenges, play multiplayer, get the zombie island of Dr. Ned, and best of all.... the second playthrough. in the second playthrough, the game restarts, but you keep your weapons and accumulated chalenges. So technically the storyline resets, not the entire game
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noobnowmaster answered:

After you beat the first playthrough you basiclly just start the quests all over again except you keep your gear and the enemies are harder and drop better gear now (but the best weapons you don't get til the 3rd play through
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gameguy1546 answered:

@aredingt - Im on 360 and the "elusive" pearl weapon Thanatos has already appeared twice in chests - I keep selling them but they just wont go away!
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