Question from nyghtGT

Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best way to raise your weapon proficiencies?

Was wondering the best way to get weapon proficiency up the fastest. Don't know if killing a lot of weaker enemies quickly or killing stronger enemies slower would be best.

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From: Archvelius 5 years ago

Actually that's not true. Weapon proficiency goes up if you gain experience. You don't even have to shoot if someone else is playing -- just hold whatever weapon you want to gain proficiency in. I know this from playing splitscreen -- at times, my friend would be away for a few minutes, so I'd leave him somewhere safe and continue killing enemies/completing quests. One time he picked up a pistol (a type of gun he didn't often use) and was holding it while I killed high level mobs; he gained like 3 pistol proficiency while just standing around.

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The more you use the weapon the higher the proficiency gets. No matter what level enemy you're fighting just keep using the weapon you want a higher proficiency for. Whenever an enemy is hit with a shot from your gun a point is put into the weapons proficiency. It eventually adds up to give you bonuses.

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So I guess the fastest way to gain proficiency is the fastest way to gain experience. If you have a high level buddy, join his game, equip a weapon in that proficiency, and leach experience for a few minutes -- that's definitely the fastest way. If not, you can blow through quests or find a respawning den of badass or high level mobs (the crab monsters often found in crystal caves work well) to just gain experience as quickly as possible. Again, try to use weapons of that type, and make sure you're holding the right kind in your hand when you turn quests in.

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Roland's turret counts as whatever weapon you have equipped, too.

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