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How do you get into the hidden basement in New Haven?

A definitive list of what exactly needs to be done would be helpful, thanks.

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I am on that exact quest, I have finished it and not turned it into Tannis and the door will not open.

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Yes I hear the elevator and I am at the building south of zeds on the map not the one on the hill, there is a pile of tires to the left of the mailbox, I've seen photos of the building but the door is still not opening. I have heard you have to have one eyes jacks other eye as well, is this true? It would seem am meeting all the requirements but it doesn't open :/

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Ok I have the answer now thanks to CleanPlague and Crockeo and nyghtGT but I'm going to accept his because he was fist but I will clarify it for others, this is how you do it:

You must accept the quest "Another piece of the puzzle" and *not do any part of the quest beyond accepting it*, that includes but is not limited to killing the Rakk Hive. When you get the quest go directly to the blue square building *south on the map* from Dr. Zeds med clinic and the door will open for you. Thanks guys.

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nyghtGT answered:

Some people have said you have to have not done any of the quest for the door to open. I opened the door after getting the quest and not doing a single part of it. I went back to the door after killing Rakk Hive(did not turn in the key to tannis) and the door would not open, i don't know if that was from me killing Rakk Hive or because i already went inside the basement and left.
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Blackhawkmc answered:

Have the "Another Piece of the Puzzle" quest finished, but don't turn it into Tannis, go to the blue shack behind the Medical Building in New Haven and it should open for you.
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cooleyes37 answered:

The blue building that you need to go to is due south of Zed's clinic in New Haven. Not the building on top of the hill. If you are at the correct building, even if you don't meet the requirements (having the key piece), you will hear an elevator noise.
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Tha_Masta_D answered:

Dunno if this helps mayn, but it worked for me...

h t t p ://
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CleanPlague answered:

nyghtGT is correct. you must have the quest, but not have done any part of it yet. As soon as you receive the quest, the door will be activated.
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Crockeo answered:

NyghtGT and Clean are correct, you CANNOT go in if you have done any of the mission Another Piece of the Puzzle.
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