Question from Sir1358

What are the secret achievements?

I just want to know what they are so i know how to get them

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X_LordShadow_X answered:

You can see every achievement here
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CleanPlague answered:

I don't recall which ones were secret, the only one i have left that is a secret achievment is United We Stand. Check the Cheats section above for a list of all the achievements.
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Neoclue answered:

I know there is one called "12 Days of Pandora". If you check your challenges list, it is the first challenge on there. Just complete it and it is unlocked.
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PIZZA6931 answered:

Most of the secret achievments are just betting bosses. 1, however is giving me problems. I'm on my second playthorugh and still don't know what boat I need to jump on to get the "i'm on a boat" achievment.
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OracleOfHalo answered:

The I'm on a boat achievement is gained from standing on a make shift boat in the bottom right area in the trash coast, if you use your map you will dee the shape of a pier head there and Roberts your fathers brother :)
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zephaaer answered:

im on a Boat can be done in treachers landing just go in head straight theres a washer jump up on it then jump up to the red chest and run to the very back of the area and theres a boat there also the tannis fish thing happens there if you know what i mean.
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Maxwell6464 answered:

Go to ht tp://
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