Question from trogdude

Arena locations?

By this i mean PvP arenas ONLY. I have already found like 3.
Can anyone post a full list with locations?

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TS2fan answered:

So far i have only found three as well. The first being in the first bandit camp in Fyrestone, the second being in the river in the Rust Commons West, and the third being in the far back of the Salt Flats.
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cooleyes37 answered:

I believe there is only one, and it is located in the Arid Badlands. It is in the small bandit town just outside and across the street from Fyrestone. Look for a stairwell leading down.
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jamtoast44 answered:

There is more than on cooleyes as trogdude already said he found three and i found one in Rust Commons West called The Cesspool, but sorry trogdude i have no idea.
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