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Asked: 5 years ago

Does Brick's skill "Revenge" work with Berserk mode?

Revenge: Killing an enemy increases your damage with all weapons for a few seconds.

I'm curious if this works while in Berserk mode and stacks with Brick's other skill "Heavy Handed" which says killing an enemy greatly increases your MELEE damage for a few seconds.

Revenge says with ALL weapons and to me, the fists are a weapon. So to restate, does Revenge work with melee attacks or simply guns?

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the answer.

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I haven't confirmed it personally, but I'm 90% sure it doesn't. Although they're very damaging, technically, Brick's fists aren't weapons.

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Due to the wording of the skills i would have to say they don't stack with Berserk i haven't personally played as Brick yet but when it refers to weapons i think guns and when it says melee i think it's talking about when you ush the right analog stick in

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Revenge does NOT work with the fists 'o pain. However, several reliable sources have confirmed that Pay Back works quite nicely, even while berserking. Mix in a single point in Unbreakable and you extend the amount of time you get the increase.

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