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Highest Shield?

I have a shield with a capacity of 860 and a recharge of 94 has anyone seen higher? I'm a level 42

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Wanz44 answered:

I have one with 1844 and a 365 recharge.
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fauxfoxx answered:

I"ve got one that's got a capacity of about 950 and a recharge rate of about 85. :I
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Sasquatch8080 answered:

I found one at about 1300 and recharge of 200+ but it was a level 48 shield that I got after beating it the second time.
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TilRagnarokCome answered:

I personally have a shield with 1007 capacity and 110 recharge that I've been using since level 32. I got lucky and found it in Crimson Fastness on my first playthrough along with a sniper rifle with 541 damage and 96.7 accuracy... it was a good day for treasure hunting.
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Allnemisis2004 answered:

I have a 1776 shield with a 183 recharge. It's a Level 48 Purple shield. Found it in Dr. Zed's vending machine for 4 million.
GamerTag : Allnemisis
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pichiY2J answered:

i got a shield thats 1923 with 320 recharge if you want ill give it to you gamertag: pichiY2J
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pichiY2J answered:

Sorry it was 1932.
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maxxx225 answered:

i have a shield that has 2280 protection and SUPER SLOW RECHARGE!
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maleman24 answered:

i got 1 with 1875 capacity and 237 recharge rate. My friend has a modded one with 34000 capacity =P
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steamwitch answered:

the one I'm currently running around with is a 1567capacity and a recharge of 260 but thats all no bonuses, then again i play as the brick so my shild is increasd by 40% and another 3 points in the safe guard skill as well toping me out at a massive 2525 capacity! but Im always on the look out for something bigger so i'm kinda dissapointed I;m the one with the highest

Also "No" It's not a hcked sheild its an impeniterable reinforced Mucle man shield they only have a High capacity rateing and thats about it. and again I use Brick so it works out.
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jableds answered:

My shield is level 48 with a capacity 823 and recharge rate 206 plus
quick health regeneration.
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tensemasterhalo answered:

Two things, one that shield is modded and two, I use a sheid with 1163 power shield (forgot shield recharge rate) and has a 40% health boost.
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samkick answered:

The shield jableds is talking about is not a mod.
i too have it.
it started out in the hands of a few select 2k employees and they handed them out online.

and if you know about weapon duplicating, you can understand how many more are being passed around.
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Xxfirebird95xX answered:

Um i have a shield that has 861 but the regarge rate is like around 150 though is that good? Also my friend has a shield that has 1121 and has a charge rate of about 218.
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ModernMenace98 answered:

I have a modded one that can go up 2 100000000000000000000000000
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vonmonj answered:

I've found a shield that's 1111 capacity and has fast health regeneration. Not sure of recharge rate
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dummy29 answered:

I use a glitched shield that is 580000 but im sure it does not count. I got it by accident anyway.
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skx0liukangx00 answered:

My best shield is one the i found with the help of a rare catalyst mod with the +2 rare item find, the shield was around 1650 in capacity and about 200 in recharge....
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Speeddemon7632 answered:

I have a shield that has a capacity of 1175 and a recharge of 207
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Kinslayer2040 answered:

I have a 1480 with 30% health boost and 223 recharge
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siege924 answered:

I have a 2250 with a 200+ recharge (it came off of Crawmerax the Invincible in the General Knoxx DLC)
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gamerguy9876 answered:

I have a un-modded one 2758 capacity.
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NemesisDC answered:

My highest with the new DLC is 2985 with a recharge of 265 and it has overcharge capacity as well as red txt I stand unvanquished
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thexxbestxxfish answered:

2879 :)
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