Question from Hachibei

Asked: 5 years ago

Is vertical split-screen the only split-screen mode available?

Every time I see split-screen gameplay, it's always split vertically. Is there horizontal split-screen available?

Accepted Answer

From: mikekearn 5 years ago

It depends on your Xbox's settings - if you have it set to automatically configure based on what TV you plug it into, then it depends on the TV. You can try to manually force your Xbox to display SD or HD depending on what you prefer, but it can significantly degrade the quality of your picture either way you go.

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No there isnt

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Actually, I have played this game with horizontal split screen on Xbox 360. My friend joined and it was split horizontally. It must have been some sort of bug because I've never seen it since.

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Though I haven't confirmed this, it probably depends on whether your TV is widescreen or set for HD. I'm playing on a normal non-widscreen, non-HD tv and it's split horizontally.

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I agree with BIOMEGA.

My 68cm Full flat 4:3 CRT splits horizontaly.

My 33 inch LCD 16:9 splits vertically.

There's no option, it just changes depending on which TV it's plugged into

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Everything I've heard points to the display settings specified in the console's firmware (in this case, the 360's Dashboard).

I don't know if the PS3 version has horizontal split, but considering I heard complaints about the 360 version only having the horizontal split and the first time I booted it up, it was split vertically, I think it's the settings in the console.

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