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How or where do you most likely get a corrosive weapons?

Topic. How do you get corrosive weapons?(Is there a certain level) Where is the chance higher that I will get a corrosive weapon? I know that the game is completely random but there has to be a more likely chance somewhere.

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ToonLink64 answered:

Yes, the weapon drops, loot, etc. is completely random.

it's all random, so probably not.

try going through the 5 New Haven crates constantly, you'll find some good ones eventually.
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Golorian answered:

There's some quests that are (as far as I know) 100% sure to reward corrosive weapons.
I didn't find many of them in my first playthrough though.
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darkeshrine answered:

Zombie Island DLC. All the good corrosive weapons i've gotten have been from zombies that it doesn't even do anything to... sorry, i hate zombies. Going through Zombie island for the... 6th time now and 2 out of 5 weapons are corrosive, for me anyway. It also seems to be a pretty good place to get corrosive grenade mods, again for me.

Outside of the DLC, yes it is completely random and the only thing to do is search.
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