Question from GHfreak1980

What enemy gives you the most XP on your 1st playthrough?

I want to find an enemy that gives me lots of experience at lvl 23 hunter
on 1st playthrough.

Accepted Answer

Farore85 answered:

Ok. This is my rule of exp enemies give- if they are big, and of your level, they will provide a good challenge, and plenty exp. Or, if they say bad*ss in the name or badmutha, then they offer a big exp reward (given same or higher level.) OF course, you could just kill people with the same or higher level than you.
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AphexFix answered:

You might just want to continue doing quests at that level. Until you reach the aliens in the quest line, the only enemies to give a lot of xp are the bosses them selves.
just keep doing the side quests if you're below the level for the main story line quest.
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FCooper1989 answered:

Once you reach a high enough level the lower level enemies begin to only give 1 - 3xp so the best way to keep leveling up is to play through the quests or find somewhere with enemies stronger than you are.
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fuyumine answered:


I'm dead serious. Just go and farm him till you're 25, then when you get to the Rust Commons, just kill as many Spiderants as you can. They just keep spawning.
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