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Eridian weapons?

Where can I find good eridian weapons


Ragnar92 answered:

Basically anywhere. any red or silver chests or even some enemies. i have gotten quite a few just running around killing mobs.
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R4M53YB0Y answered:

you can get them from some mobs, like for example a random lancer dropped one for me and a lancer boss but the best way probably is the new have run as you are just farming weapons, or on the first playthrough the dev's chest is meant to have better luck than on second playthrough. If you dont know how to do either search youtube.
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spree95 answered:

The system for finding eridian weapons is completely randomn and in the guide i read that a player can go through the entire storyline mission multiple times and not find any.
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hxc_gamer91 answered:

The easiest way to obtain one is while going through playthrough 2/4. Just farm the area when you have to save patricia tannis. Or kill Master McCloud since he holds one.
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Dr_HAX answered:

You can find an Eridian weapon but there somewhat hard to find. Take McCloud; he holds the Eridian sniper (it varies, one time it was a rifle). Or if you finished the game, try going through the Eridian Promatory and kill the guardians there, there bound to have something on them.
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Xxfirebird95xX answered:

Ok most of the eridian weapons tha i have found are in crimson fastness....thats where i got my eridian rocket launcher, sniper rifle, machine gun (i was suprised cuz i didnt think there wuz any eridian assault rifles), And my eridian shotgun that does about 200 for each shot and shoot nine bullets and can shoot about ten times until it has to if you want alot of alian weapons GO TO CRIMSON FASTNESS
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Spuzle answered:

I have a copy of every eridian gun (including the ones from the new dlc) and I'm willing to give them to you. Just send a friend request to "Spuzle"

P.S: I'm also giving out Pearlescent guns.
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Algolagnia answered:

If you have not patched the game reloading and looting the chests in New Haven will spawn eridian weaponry very frequently.
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T8_R answered:

2nd playthrough- The Eridian Promontory, red boxes. That's where I've gotten all but 2 of my eridian's ( I have had 7), not counting McCloud. I got a cannon from the Secret Armory & a rifle in the Crimson Fastness.
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Smallestmars1 answered:

The best weapons are obtained in dlc such as secret armory where you can get the glob gun and ball blaster
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SHyRO87 answered:

I have found 7 of the Eridian guns between Lv.25 - Lv.44. I found that using Lillith was the easiest charcter to find them my first one was the was in a Red Chest in Old Haven on Lv.25, I went through the area rooftops to a fairly tall building where I had to jump to a balcony run to the otherside where their is a short orange canopy and a Red Chest below it inside was the Eridian Thunder.
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SHyRO87 answered:

If you would like to e-mail me at: I will be more than happy to tell you the exact locations of other Eridian guns, I will also be able to give better detail as I will have more room to write out my directions. :-)
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