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Asked: 4 years ago

Cyan weapons from only final boss?new dlc

I heard killing crowmraux was the only way to get pearlesent weapons and i was wondering if its true and if anyone has some can u copy them for me? my xbox live gamertag is zyx death xyz

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From: xshdwknightx 4 years ago

Pearlescent Weapons can be found in a few ways in the Armory DLC.
1.)Boss enemies( only a select few)
2.) the new Crimson Lance Chests

Be careful with the pearlescent weapons people have online, most of them are modded (any pearlescent that has a double name for example "Shredder Shredder" or a prefix that isn't for the type of weapon ex. "Anarchy Orion," "Anarchy" being a prefix for SMGs, "and "Orion" being a sniper rifle title). Then again if you don't care about modded guns, then your good to go.

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I don't know much about pearlescent weapons, but this web site was helpful. It has different types of pearlescent weapons along with some pearlescent shields.

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Me and my friend have a lot of pearlescent guns and we are giving them out to people for any items your willing to trade. Just send a friend request to "Spuzle" or "AMonkey55". I'm only online on Saturdays for right now, but Monkey is on all the time if you want to get them.

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I have every pearlecent weapon known to man and i could dupe them for you for a good weapon

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oh and my GT is XNaughtyNinja2X

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you dont get the weapons only from killing crawmerax. I have killed him multiple times with a hunter who has a plus 2 find rare items mod and still have'nt gotten any, yet i found a bessie sniper in a crimson chest. Best thing to do is open as many chests as you can in the armory.

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yeah Ive got a ton of pearlecent weapons and I found most of them in the Armory. I have killed Crawmerax a bunch of times and have never once gotten a pearlecent weapon from him.

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Pearlescent weapons can be found randomly in chests
Dropped by crimson lance (very rare)
And of course from the crawmerax

But don't forget they are very rare so even killing the crawmerax is not a guarantee you will get them

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I have two pearl weapons that i have gotten from crawmerax it is a farming task to get them from him

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Crawmerax has a better chance of dropping the cyans/pearlescents, but like everyone else said it's not the only place. A friend and I killed Crawmerax well over 50-75 times and never found one. I made quite a few armory runs, using the glitch, and after about 15 I found the cyan rocket launcher in a crimson lance chest. A couple days later that same friend of mine found the cyan repeater after soloing Crarmerax. Patience is the key in finding these guns, just stick with it and you'll find them on your own, which is more satisfying than duping them. Happy hunting!

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Can u only get them if u have everything completed on playthrough one and two?

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You can find them from crawmerax and the lance chests. Also some enemies drop them.

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