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Asked: 5 years ago

Can I max out all my weapon proficiencies?

If so, how?

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From: facetious_t 5 years ago

An easier way to do this is after finishing Playthrough 2. Use a New-U station to get to the Trash Coast. Run to the Rakk Hive, ignoring Spider-ants as they spawn, and take down the Rakk Hive. Whatever weapon you have equipped will receive the experience towards its proficiency. Rakk Hive rewards alot of experience (3-7 levels at lower levels, a little over 1 level at higher levels) everytime and this only takes about 5 minutes to do. After Rakk Hive goes down, hit start, then exit. This will save your game. Reload the game and you will spawn at the Trash Coast New-U station where you can repeat the method. Easy Cakes.

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You just have to go through it the old fashioned way. Use them enough to get it all the way up to 50. Gonna take a whole lot of time though.

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Yes, by killing enemies,lots n lots of enemies

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It is possible to max out all weapon proficiencies.
You increase your weapon proficiencies by wielding that particular type of weapon when you get experience. I've gotten combat rifle proficiency increases off grenade kills, and sniper rifle proficiency increases off turning in quests.

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