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Asked: 5 years ago

Ammo Regen only with red text?

Does ammo regeneration only come on red text guns or does it show up as a perk on regular guns as well?
I have seen it on a few Equalizers as "Unending Firepower"(in red), then farther down "+13 Ammo Regeneration"(in white), (seems a little redundant)

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From: Steam313 5 years ago

Ammo regeneration comes on
1) Specific class mods (Sniper (hunter)/SMG(siren)/rockets(berzerker)/pistols(gunsliner/hunter)/Team ammo regen(soldier))
2) On Red texted oranges (Savior, Equalizer, Guardian, etc (there is one for almost every type besides rockets currently))
3) Eridian weapons have an "energy pool" that depleats with each shot but regens when equiped but not used

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Yes, Another one is "Sometimes I forget to reload" Which gives you infinite ammo with that gun and you wont have to reload either. Ammo regeneration will give you back ammo over time.

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Only this Orange Equalizer recover it's ammo over time, the Class mod for the soldier recover the ammo of all weapons for the entire group.
Also there are the Eridian Weapons that have infinite ammo, but need to cooldown to keep shoting

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I think I got a weapon that has ammo regeneration without any additional text. I would have to double check. It's a very uncommon status for the guns though. Considering that ammo regeneration really is what it says. i think it makes that much ammo per minute or half minute about.

One of mine is a revolver with +13 ammo regeneration. I could fire out my revolver ammo with a different better revolver, then when clear of fights equip the ammo regen and just stand in a corner and go get a sandwhich in real life. Not very long later I came back with full revolver ammo.

While playing with a friend split screen, I believe he got a rocket launcher with ammo regeneration, it was only +2, but still, he was brick and I was the soldier so with just a little effort we pushed the ammo regen up to 10. It was difficult to see around the explosions after that.

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there are some class mods for the soldier where when equipped they will give you team ammo regeneration and then it says the number how much it regenerates. the higher the number the faster you get ammo back. It is available after leverl 25 i think

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I've a revolver that can regen-ammo too and I'm playing as siren class.
That revolver is an extremely rare gun and has no red text.

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There's a named type of gun in every weapon type (beside Eridian and Rocket Launchers) that can regenerate ammo. So far I've found an assault rifle called "Guardian" and a Revolver called "Equalizer". The shotgun variant is called "Defender". As for the others, well, check the FAQs on this site.

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I have a pistol with ammo regen (weak orange gun) with ammo regen in white, though i forget it's name

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I'm a hunter, and i have a class mod with sniper regen

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