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Asked: 4 years ago

Playthrough 3 WTF!?

I read an article in Game Informer with one of the developers of Borderlands and in that article he states there is a playthrough 3 where all the enemies are lv 50 and thats where you get all the rare weapons. I have completed playthrough 2 and no playthrough 3... WTF? Everyone keeps talking about how playthrough 3 doesnt exist but Idk why the borderlands dev would say that.

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I have completed playthrough 2 am level 50 and have played with 4 people online on my playthrough 2 and still have not found any better weapons than what I usually find. I have only found about 20 "rare" (orange) weapons in my entire Borderlands career through all my playthroughs with all my characters. Most of these "rare" weapons are worse than the weapons I already carry. I just dont get it I guess...

Accepted Answer

From: Silverwolf448 4 years ago

There is no playthrough 3. It's limited to playthrough 2.5 which means every enemy is leveled from 49 to 51. Bosses are always 51. They cut playthrough 3 due to time issues. In order to reach playthrough 2.5 you must beat the final boss in playthrough 2, it will automatically register and level all enemies to level 49-51.

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There is no playthrough 3, but on the 2 playthrough you can go back and face bosses and thats called the 2.5 playthrough and find better weapons.

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There is no playthrough 3. What they meant was after you beat Playthrough 2 all the enemies in that playthrough turn to level 49-51. These are the enemies that are most likely going to drop the best weapons you are looking for.

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