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Answered Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
.Cant u have any follower? Answered 1
.How do u know if its a main story mission? Answered 2
.What is the weopon level about? Answered 4
.Where can i find good weapons? Answered 13
Can someone help me beat Krom? Answered 4
Clawmerax? Answered 1
Crawmerax glitch not working? Answered 4
Ending: Claptrap Assassin? Answered 5
General Gnoxx? Answered 2
Help beating Crawmerax? Answered 1
How do I beat (Baron Flynt)? Answered 13
How do I beat (bone head)? Answered 1
How do I beat (HARDEST FREAKING BOSS EVER)? Answered 1
How do I beat aliens easily? Answered 1
How do I beat bonehead? Answered 2
How do I beat Crawermax? Answered 3
How do I beat crawmerax ? Answered 1
How do I beat Destroyer? Answered 2
How do I beat krom? Answered 3
How do I beat Mad Mel? Answered 3
How do I beat Mothrakk? Answered 15
How do I beat Nine-Toes and his spiky creatures? Answered 18
How do I beat psycos easily? Answered 3
How do I beat rakk hive? Answered 6
How do I beat scor? Answered 3
How do I beat Skagzilla? Answered 1
How do I beat Sledge? Answered 7
How do I beat the Roid Raged Psycho? Answered 11
How many and where are the loot migets? Answered 3
I need help with tks leg mission? Answered 1
Marley and Me - Defeating Moe and Marley? Answered 4
Marley and Me Quest Glitch? Answered 1
Neo- Sledge? *Possible Spoilers* Answered 3
Playthrough 3 and up? Answered 4
What enemy gives you the most XP on your 1st playthrough? Answered 4
Where do i Find Flynt? Answered 2
Where is the rakk hive after beating him? Answered 3
Who is motorhead? Answered 2
Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
2nd Piece of info on It's Alive- Jakob's Cove? Answered 3
Achievement, Made in New Haven? Answered 4
After following the robot into town what do I do? Answered 5
Best place for conveyor of death challenge? 25 kills in a row... Answered 14
Brraaiiiinnnsss side Quest? Answered 3
Can anyone give me a list of quests that have to be completed in firestone? Answered 1
Can anyone help me with Challenge? Answered 3
Can someone help me (look in descripition)? Answered 5
Cess Pool??? Answered 2
Circle of slaughter glitch maybe? Answered 5
Claptrap in new haven? Answered 2
Cramerax/Circle of Duty Help? Answered 1
Does anybody know if there is any meaning behind the claptrap graffiti in Tartarus Station? Answered 3
Easter Eggs ?? Answered 4
Exactly how do i dupe weapons andexplain so a child will understand ? Answered 3
Finding the Revolver? Answered 8
For mad moxxi dlc, can you leave the tournaments with 20 rounds and come back on the same round you were on? Answered 2
Forgot a quest? Answered 1
General Knoxx Playthrough type Question? Answered 1
Get Some Answers? Answered 2
Hidden journal quest? Answered 2
Highest level? Answered 3
How do i beat lost lewts Quest? Answered 2
How do I earn the Braaaaaains trophy? Answered 3
How do I find the Braaaaaaaains Quest? Answered 3
How do I find the rifle body to fulfill the quest of assembling the gun? Answered 1
How do I get 42 inventory slots? Answered 8
How do I get into Krom's Canyon? Answered 2
How do i get over the fence to get to the 3rd valve? Answered 1
How do I get shotgun body? Answered 2
How do I get the "Braaaaaaaaaains" Acheivement from the zombieland DLC? Answered 1
How do I get the claptrap(s) to talk to me to complete quest? Answered 3
How do I get the Hang Time series of challenges? Answered 3
How do I get to Ajax in the 'The B*tch is Payback pt. 2' misson? Answered 1
How do I get to Moxie's Underground after it is downloaded? Answered 2
How do I get to tartarus station? Answered 1
How do I get to the fuel valve behind the grates? Answered 1
How do I help the trapped claptrap in Old Haven? Answered 4
How do I lower the bridge to Old Haven? Answered 2
How do I solve mission? Answered 2
How do I solve Seeking Tannis? Answered 3
How do I solve T.K.'s Life And Limb? Answered 1
How do I solve T.K.'s Life and Limb? part 2 Answered 6
How do I solve the fresh fish? Answered 9
How do I start the Firepower quest line? Answered 1
How do you get into the hidden basement in New Haven? Answered 6
How do you get the making a monster achivement? Answered 3
How many missable quest exist? Answered 1
How Many? Answered 3
How to do the quest that i already began but no more accessible ? Answered 1
How to i start "Braaaaaaaaains"? Answered 1
I killed the Destroyer in the 2nd playthrough...? Answered 2
If you accidentally blow up the armory without "exposing the munitions" can you get back in and re-do it? Answered 1
Im just lost? Answered 1
Is T.K. O.K? sin't working Answered 1
Is there a way to check available missions? Answered 2
Is Underdome worth it? Answered 4
Jacobs shop? Answered 4
Jakobs Fodder? Answered 2
Loot Midgets? Answered 3
Mystery or misstake? Answered 1
Old Haven smoke signal? Answered 4
Old Haven, not found junkyard? Answered 1
On a boat? Answered 5
Platinum Trophy? Answered 2
Rust Commons East, Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board? Answered 1
Scavenger smg:wheres the magzine? Answered 3
scavenger SMG? Answered 1
Scavenger: Machine Gun Magazine, where? Answered 3
Scavenger: Sniper Rifle Sight? Answered 2
Scavenger? Answered 2
Secret Shop in New Haven? Answered 14
Speedway? Answered 1
stuck NEED HELP? Answered 5
TK Baha? Answered 3
Trouble with the Braaaaaaaaaaains Achievement? Answered 1
Underdome question? Answered 2
Wanted dead ? Answered 1
Well theres your problem right there. Help? Answered 1
What are the repercussions of completing Schemin' That Sabotage? Answered 3
When does the speedway open? Answered 2
Where are all the claptraps? Answered 1
Where can i find all the claptraps? Answered 4
Where can I find the 'Green Thumb' Quest? Answered 1
Where can i find the claptrap in rust commons west for the mission "meeting tannis"? Answered 1
Where can i find the machine gun magazine in salt flats? Answered 2
Where can i find Zed? Answered 4
Where do I find the Scavenger: Revolver Barrel? Answered 2
Where is he? Answered 4
Where is Scooter? Answered 3
Where is the claptrap in The Salt Flats? Answered 5
Where is the freakin scope for the combat rifle? Answered 7
Where is the Repair Box for Clap Trap in Sledge's Safe house? Answered 3
Where is the revolver Sight? Answered 2
Where is the sniper barrel? Answered 7
Where is Zombie TK? Answered 1
Zombie brains? Answered 6
Zombie island where is echo 1??????? Answered 5
Item Help status answers
.. 100% Probability? Answered 1
...Why do shotguns have the best zoom? Answered 6
A few shield questions? Answered 1
Ammo Regen only with red text? Answered 9
Another Wep. Prof.?? Answered 1
Are the preorder weapons always available? Answered 1
Are there any sci-fi non-bullet style guns? Answered 3
Are weapon bonuses applied to the shown numbers? Answered 3
Artifacts? Answered 4
At the end of a level, do you get rewarded with and alien gun? Answered 2
Backpack SDU? Answered 2
Best Assault Rifle? Answered 6
Bouncing Bettie vs. MIRV vs. Rain? Answered 1
Can All Characters Wield All Weapons? Answered 2
Can sum1 dupe sum good weapons for me? Answered 2
Can u find a gun similar to Sledge's Gun? Answered 2
Claptrap/mdu Upgrades? Answered 1
Class mods giving skills? Answered 2
Complete list of loot colours please?And information about loot? Answered 2
Corrisive Weapons? Answered 1
Could anyone dupe these weapons for me? Answered 1
Cyan weapons from only final boss?new dlc Answered 12
Damage multiplier? Answered 2
Do Class Mods give skill bonus past 5? Answered 1
Do Launchers always count as Explosive damage? Answered 3
Do Revolvers count for Pistol Proficiencies? Answered 4
Do the red chests respawn? Answered 1
Does +melee damage weapons benefit Brick in Berserk mode? Answered 1
Does anyone know the significance of the eridian weapon batteries glowing when they point in a certain direction? Answered 3
Does having more then one player effect the quality of weapons found in chests? Answered 1
Does the drop rate for rare items go up with more people in the party? Answered 1
Does the manufacture of the class mods make it different? Answered 4
Duplicate Items in co-op split screen? Answered 1
Elemental artifact levels and artifact? Answered 6
Eridian Revolver? Answered 2
Farming weapons? Answered 1
Fixer upper help? Answered 2
help finding the 110110 cannon rifle I think its called? Answered 7
How and where to find the hidden Robot? Answered 3
How can i find or make moded weapons? Answered 1
How can I get max # of backpack slots ?? Answered 4
How come the chest don't have level 50 guns? Answered 1
How do I get the claptrap to shutup?!? Answered 3
How do i unlock the 2 extra Slots in my quick change weapon inventory? Answered 2
How do you calculate elemental domage? Answered 4
How do you FastTravel? Answered 4
How do you get really good weapons? Answered 1
How do you get the 3rd and 4th weapon slots? Answered 2
How do you purchase Bank Upgrade - Level 10? Answered 3
How do you sell stuff? Answered 2
How does Team (insert bonus here) work? Answered 1
How many differnet eridian weps are there? Answered 8
How or where do you most likely get a corrosive weapons? Answered 3
I think i sold my first sdu? Answered 1
I'm a rare gun collector. should i be collecting the orange or yellow items ? Answered 5
Infinite Money?!? Answered 3
Is it possible to get rid of ammo i don't need? Answered 2
Is it worth it to...? Answered 2
Is it worth using the class mod with +2 find rare items for the hunter or just a waste of time? Answered 2
Is the Lady Finger an important gun? Answered 2
Is there a definite way to get a pearlescent weapon or is it always random? Answered 1
Is there a mission where at the end you get an alein gun? Answered 1
Is there a way to scroll down the description of a weapon? Answered 4
Is there an easy way to get a quality gun? Answered 1
Is There Yellow/Ornage Class Mods/Gernades? Answered 1
Is this item a fake? Answered 7
Launcher ammo regeneration? Answered 13
List or guide of all known not random eridian weapons? Answered 4
Liviathin? Answered 1
Looking for pearl/cyan weapons? Answered 2
Madjack? Answered 1
Modded weapons; How can you tell? Answered 15
My chests are changing?!? Answered 2
My Eridian weapon glow? Answered 10
Negative money in co-op play? Answered 1
OMG I SOLD LADY FINGER! Can i get it back? Answered 1
Only one car? Answered 2
Orange Grenades and other colors Eridians? Answered 3
Over max level requirements? Answered 1
Overcharge Shields? Answered 4
Pearlescent Weapons? Answered 3
Pearlescent? Answered 1
Questions about Sledge's Shotgun? Answered 7
Quick selecting weapons? Answered 2
Scavenger: Combat Rifle, where is the sight? Answered 1
Scavenger: Combat Rifle, where is the stock?? Answered 2
Scavenger: sniper rifle barrel? Answered 2
Scooter's car rocket turret how to get it too lockon it's target? Answered 1
Scoped assault rifles only 3 round burst? Answered 1
Second weapons vending machine in New Haven? Answered 2
Shields w/ QUICK HEALING?! Answered 5
Siren mods? Answered 2
Siren's cool down rate mod? Answered 2
So how many guns are there exactly? Answered 2
Store inventory? Answered 1
Team Extra Experience? Answered 5
The Underdome Stash Chest? Answered 1
Trading weapons with partner? Answered 3
Weapon base damage and modifiers? Answered 1
Weapon Colors? Answered 2
Weapon Descriptions? Answered 5
Weapon Modifications? Answered 11
Weapon Mods Damage? Answered 3
Weapon Zoom? Answered 3
What are the best guns for each weapon type? Answered 7
What are the best weapons and armour? Answered 8
What dictates item level? Answered 2
What do the red phrases mean on guns? Answered 6
What does 'modded weapons' mean ? Answered 2
What does different colored loot mean? Answered 2
What does Team Accuracy Recovery mean? Answered 2
What does the x3 mean in the damage desctiption work? Answered 3
What does this weapon skill do? Answered 1
What exactly defines a modded weapon? Answered 4
What happens? Answered 2
what is a COM? Answered 2
What is the highest level proficiency for a gun? Answered 2
What is the max amount of inventory slots you can get? Answered 7
What is the number right below the clip size of the gun? Answered 3
What is the Omega Rose? Answered 1
What purpose does "Cracked Sash" provide? Answered 1
What's with the two shades of Orange in weapon rarity? Answered 2
When and how do i get a vehicle? Answered 1
Where Are All The Eridian Weapons? Answered 3
Where can I find (claptrap bobbleheads and off-shore oil cans)? Answered 1
Where can I find (Eridian weapons)? Answered 3
Where can I find a "DOUBLE ANARCHY" smg? Answered 1
Where can I find accurate shotgun)? Answered 1
Where can I find alien weapon ? Answered 5
Where can I find atlas guns? Answered 6
Where can I find better weapons in the beginning of the game? Answered 3
Where can I find Crawmerax the Invincible? Answered 2
Where can I find Helena Pierce? Answered 1
Where can I find implamentable ambush shield? Answered 1
Where can I find lot of money near the first town? Answered 2
Where can I find Red Rider? Answered 1
Where can I find Revolver Barrel (scav mission)? Answered 2
Where can I find skill points with out lving up? Answered 3
Where can I find Steele's Shotgun? Answered 5
Where can I find the 3rd box of cigars? Answered 1
Where can I find the 8 seeds in skag valley? Answered 2
Where can I find The Blister? Answered 3
Where can I find the Eridian Sniper and Machine Gun? Answered 1
Where can I find the machine gun stock in salt flats? Answered 4
Where can I find the old haven Bounty Board? Answered 2
Where can I find the repair kit? Answered 1
Where can I find the Safehouse repair kit? Answered 3
Where can I find the Shotgun Magazine? Answered 1
Where can I find the Smoke Signal lever for "Apartment Compound" in Old Haven? Answered 2
Where can I find TK Bohas leg? Answered 3
Where can I get modded sheilds? Answered 3
Where can I get the " Speedy McSpeederton" achievement? Answered 4
Where can i get this gun? Answered 3
Where can you find extremly rare gun? Answered 1
Where is Eridian promontory & crimson lance enclave? Answered 1
Where is the 4th weapon slot? Answered 3
Where is the best chests to find lvl 50 guns? Answered 9
Where's the best place to find higher lever guns? Answered 1
Which shelds heal you? Answered 1
Yea i found a pile of money that gives me stats... what is it? Answered 4
Strategy Help status answers
Are ther going to be any add on downloads for sure? Answered 2
Best distribution of my skill points? Answered 1
Best place for Orbit Acheived Challenge? Answered 2
Brick's Iron Fist? Answered 1
Ca$h Money? Answered 2
Can I max out all my weapon proficiencies? Answered 4
Circul of slaughter round 3? Answered 10
Corporate Sponsors? Answered 4
Do mods that add skill bonuses to a skill stack on a maxed +5 skill? Answered 1
Do the "kill enemy, gain effect X" effects stack? Answered 1
Earning Skill Points After Level 50? Answered 2
Effects of explosive weapons? Answered 1
How would i get the "My brother is an Italian Plumber" acheivment? Answered 9
I can't get the facemelter achievement? Answered 5
I can't understant recoil (reduction) and sway actual meaning? Answered 1
i need help defeaatng mad moxxi's underdome riot, and I need some pointers on how to do it? Answered 3
Infantry skill tree...? Answered 1
Is 'explosive' an elemental type? Answered 2
Is there a way to pick up items without auto-equipping? Answered 1
Leveled enemies? Answered 1
little Help??? Answered 2
Need some help can someone help me? Answered 2
Phasewalk? Answered 4
Please rate/improve my character builds? Answered 2
Rank 5/5 Deploy for Roland? Answered 1
Shared experience? Answered 2
Two quick questions? Answered 2
What character fits me best for assault rifles??? Answered 1
What is the best class for different play styles? Answered 4
What is the best strategy for Claptrap in Krom's Canyon? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for getting 5 seconds of hangtime? Answered 6
What is the best way to raise your weapon proficiencies? Answered 4
What is the easiest way to level up? Answered 2
What is the most damaging element? Answered 1
When a skill says "Killing an enemy causes X" can anyone in party get the kill? Answered 2
Which Character Gets Xp Faster? Answered 2
Who is the best character ? Answered 4
Other Help status answers
.Random running speed? Answered 1
.Split screen?? Answered 1
2 profiles 1 360 DLC? Answered 4
2nd Bounty bored in the first area? Answered 4
45 Backpack slots? Answered 1
Acheviment Help ??? Answered 1
Achievements disappearing? Answered 2
Achievements? Answered 2
After completion? Answered 2
Am I connecting dots that aren't there in the hidden room under New Haven? Answered 1
And they'll tell 2 friends achievement help? Answered 1
Any help on connecting to xbox live? Really want that new DLC Answered 1
Any sure way to get orange weps????? Answered 13
Anyone find any "Orange" weapon upgrades yet? Answered 3
Anything to do after the game ends? Answered 14
Are There Orange Class Mods? Answered 1
Are There Still Scythid Sprinters? Or Were They Cut? Answered 4
Are they going to elimiante modded weapons? Answered 8
Arena locations? Answered 3
Armour? Answered 5
At what point/level can you teleport from the New-u station? Answered 2
Best Most Powerful Sniper ??? Answered 2
BorderLands or Brutal Legend? Answered 7
Bricks shield strength skill? Answered 1
Can any1 estimate how many guns are there in this game ? Answered 6
Can I 2-Play splitscreen on XBL? Answered 2
Can I Change Class? Answered 2
Can I complete 2 skill trees for my soldier? Answered 2
Can I dupe the SDU upgrades from the Claptraps? Answered 1
Can I just buy the final bank updgrade in Mad Moxxi? Answered 4
Can someone help me? Answered 1
Can there be 2 of the same character in an online game? Answered 2
Can you fight the rakk hive every time you go to the trash coast or is it a one time battle? Answered 4
Can't find jacobs cove? Answered 6
Challenges? Answered 1
Co-Op confusion? Answered 1
Co-op Difficulty Scaling? Answered 1
Co-op? Answered 2
COD 6 or Borderlands? Answered 8
Customizable charactors? Answered 1
Diferent XP gain during splitscreen? Answered 1
DLC level cap? Answered 2
Do I keep my old weapons in New Game+? Answered 3
Do side-quests etc. reset on Playthrough 2? Answered 1
Do u do different missions from each character u choose on single player? Answered 1
Does any one know specifics about online multiplayer? Answered 2
Does anyone know a way to....? Answered 1
Does deploy reduce all time it takes to cooldown? Answered 1
Does leveling go up past 50, even though it doesn't show? Answered 2
Fast travel? Answered 1
Fence, help please? Answered 2
Get A Little Blood on the Tires Achievement Help Needed Please? Answered 2
Going back to Playthrough 1? Answered 2
Gun Stats? Answered 1
Help finding all the claptraps? Answered 1
Highest Shield? Answered 24
House of the ned achievement? Answered 1
How can I unlock the other 2 weapon slots? Answered 5
How do I enter the devils footstool? Answered 2
How do i get acheivement? Answered 1
How do i get to zombie island? Answered 1
How do I heal?? Answered 6
How Do I Save My Game?? Answered 4
How do i sell weapons? Answered 2
How do I start a new game plus? Answered 4
How do we give money to friends ? Answered 6
How do you "melt faces" ? Answered 3
How do you "stomp" on an enemy's head? Answered 2
How do you access arena options? Answered 1
How do you do the shield glitch? Answered 3
How does the damage work? Answered 6
How high does the damage go for the guns? Answered 2
How many playthroughs can you do in Borderlands? Answered 2
How much mature humor is in this? Answered 2
How to glitch and go past level 50? Answered 1
How weapon proficiency works? Answered 3
How's the aiming handeld? Answered 2
I need a list of all the red texts for weapons? Answered 2
I need help finding some good guns? Answered 1
Is Borderlands fun to play by yourself? Answered 3
Is it feasible to solo the game? Answered 1
Is it worth buying? Answered 1
Is there a computer based multiplayer in Borderlands? Answered 1
Is there a storage container or anything to store supplies? Answered 4
Is there a way to take off the skill points on one of mine skills? Answered 1
Is there a weapon that can penetrate spiderant armor??? Answered 1
Is there OFFLINE PvP split-screen? Answered 3
Is thier secert charcters? Answered 2
Is this game free play open world adventure? 3rd person, 1st person choice? Answered 2
Iteam/Gun/Shield Help? Answered 1
Max stats? Answered 1
Mod difference? Answered 1
Modded gun? Answered 3
Modded weapons??? Answered 1
Money lost on death? Answered 4
Monthly fee? Answered 2
Morderchais skill? Answered 2
More Co Op Help? Answered 1
Mothrakk? Answered 1
Moving Characters Using Memory Packs? Answered 1
Names of all the downloadable "missions"? Answered 1
New Game plus? Answered 2
Ok on the dlc "general knoxx armory" you can lv up to 70 right?if you get it? Answered 1
On split screen play is there any way to save player2's progression? Answered 4
One-Eyed Jack? Answered 3
Over-leveled Skills? Answered 1
Playthrough 3 WTF!? Answered 3
Pleasee pleasee ..How can I play or send an invitation to my friends to join my game? It seems imposible. Answered 7
Power Leveling?! Answered 1
Proficiency level? Answered 1
Recent Update ? Answered 3
Respec Skill Tree? Answered 1
Scooter's quest help please!!!!!!!? Answered 1
Should I get this? Answered 1
Should I restart a game? Answered 1
Skill point glitch? Answered 1
Skill points? Answered 3
Skill Tree? Answered 1
Soldier class? Answered 1
Spliltsreen? Answered 1
Split screen play? Answered 5
Step by step instructions on how to use willow tree/modio to mod weapons? Answered 1
Teamate AI? Answered 2
The Rabbit Icon in the "New You" station? Answered 2
Underdome Riot song? Answered 1
Using Brick, seems to limit you options for weapons. Is this true? Answered 5
Vehicles? Answered 2
Wait, the commercial says Oct. 21, so which one is it? Answered 1
Weapon Damage Stats ? Answered 1
Weapon Profieceny? Answered 3
Weapon stat bonuses? Answered 2
What are the secret achievements? Answered 7
What does bullet spread mean? Answered 1
What does the burst fire rate mean? Answered 1
What does the latin phrase in red mean in the Lady Finger's description? Answered 1
What does weapon proficiency affect exactly? Answered 3
What is "Burst Fire Count"? Answered 3
What is secret achivment? Answered 1
What is the best charactor to play as? Answered 1
What is the brain mission? Where do you get it? Answered 4
What is the Fyrestone Coliseum, and how do I use it? Answered 2
What is the lvl requirement for zombie island ? Answered 1
What is this game? Answered 1
Whats the name of the song from the begining cutscene/commercial? Answered 1
When you start playthrough 2, do you keep your character levels and inventory? Answered 1
When/How do you get on a boat (for the achievement)? Answered 1
Where are the locations? Answered 1
Where can I find a detailed map of the game and all of it's areas? Answered 2
Where do i find elephants? Answered 1
Where is shep sanders is arid hills? Answered 2
Where is Shep Sanders? Answered 2
Where/When do I find Skagzilla? Answered 1
Which character should I pick? Answered 1
Why are the enemy names different on my 2nd playthrough? Answered 1
Why does zombie island take up 1013 mega bytes of memory? Answered 2
Why don't shield increase skills don't add up right? Answered 1
Why isn't the Jakobs Vending Machine working? Answered 3
Why wont my dlc work offline? Answered 1
Will having General Knoxx DLC make Moxxi's Underdome easier? Answered 1
Will there be a Content Filter? Answered 9
WTF!!!!! i saw a lvl 70 player :S ?? Answered 1
Zombie Isle of Dr. Ned, What 2 barrels with pumpkins in pumpkin boss area do when activated? Answered 1

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