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Open Questions

Item Help status answers
.Skills & Eridian weaponry synergy ? (Hunter) Open 1
.Skills & Eridian weaponry synergy ? (Siren) Open 1
.Skills & Eridian weaponry synergy ? (Soldier) Open 1
Anyano have these weapons for dupe/trade? Open 7
Atlas Chimera? Open 4
Can somebody help me with modded weapons? Open 3
Catch-a-ride vehicles? Open 2
Clap Trap glitch? Open 3
Does anyone have any alien guns they are willing to tr/dupe? Open 3
Eradian Weapon types? Open 3
Eridian weapons? Open 12
Help with getting general knoxx??? Open 1
Help with modding? Open 1
How can i find perlcent weapons? Open 4
How do i get a corrosive weapon? Open 4
How do i get rid of modded sheilds? Open 3
How do I get rid of this stupid modded shield? Open 2
How does class mod + elemental damage work? (i.e. assassin, firefly, plaguebearer) Open 1
How to use Siren mods? Open 3
I cant find all the Storage Unit Deck Upgrades. Can somebody help me? Open 1
Is anyone willing to dupe me a Rider sniper Rifle? Open 2
Is there any other way besides crawmerax to get pearlescent weapons? Open 1
K so I'm lvl 18... I need to POWER LEVEL!? Open 3
Need help finding some items? Open 1
Question about mods on items? Open 2
Red Scoped Combat Rifle in Zombie Island? Open 6
Rider sniper rifle ( new haven)? Open 2
Rocket Launcher? Open 1
Scavenger: machine gun, can't find the stock in the salt flats. does can anyone help me find it? Open 2
Silver to red chests? Open 1
Sniper? Open 1
Storage upgrades? Open 2
The bank? Open 3
What do these special add-ons do? Open 5
What does it mean by + 3 projectiles fired? Open 3
Whats a good way to go about getting Level 50+ weapons? Open 4
Where are all of the broken claptraps? Open 2
Where can i find LVL 30 Glorious Havoc Assault Rifle? Open 2
Where can I find Tannis' logs in the rust commons east? Open 2
Where can I find the claptrap near where you fight baron flynt? (the thor) Open 3
Where can i find the eridian sniper ? Open 9
Where can I find the TK Bad Hornet? Open 2
Where can I find TK6 Cruel Rebel? Open 3
Which shotgun is better? Open 3
Why can't I use my artifact? Open 3
Plot Help status answers
End Game(spoilers)? Open 8
Really This Hard? Open 2
What is a claptrap? Open 3
Technical Help status answers
Am I saving correctly? Open 4
Anyone else have this glitch? Open 1
Can I Multi-player? Open 2
Can I use patched saves on an unpatched xbox ? Open 1
Can't log onto my file on the multscreen mode, Help? Open 1
Claptrap revolution- Playthrough 2 enemies like Playthrough 1??? Open 2
DLC does not work!!!!!!????? Open 4
Does the US version run on PAL 360s? Open 2
Dr zed not in location, need help? Open 2
Game Language/text option? Open 1
How do I host a game online? Open 1
How do I set-up split screen play? Open 1
How do I turn off the quest checklist on the heads up display? Open 2
How to fix the max skill glitch? Open 1
I can't access my character? Open 2
Is it possible to play split screen while playing with other friends online? Open 4
Keyboard and Mouse compatible? Open 3
Level 62 to 69 Update Not Working on My Other Profiles? Open 1
Playing DLC Co-op do both players need it? Open 3
Plot mission glitch in borderlands? Open 1
Second playthrough, can't get anywhere or do anything? *spoiler* Open 1
Splitscreen on same gamertag? Open 2
The DLC stays at 1% when i try to download it. Why? Open 2
Upcoming Patches of Glitches? Open 1
Why can't I play Gen. Knoxx & Claptrap Revolution? Open 1
Why Can't I Save my Friends character on my xbox? Open 1
Why cant i save a game with 2 characters in split screen? Open 2
Why does my game freeze while doing the credits for secret armory? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me that my character is not leveling? Open 2
Why does the game not let me quick travel? Open 1
Why won't these missions dissapear? Open 1
Other Help status answers
"And They'll Tell Two Friends" Achievement Help? Open 1
(How in heck do i find t-bone junction )? Open 3
Any reason my exp is lower than normal? Open 2
Anyone have a list for all the achivs from the zombie island dlc? Open 1
Armory Glitch? Open 1
Armory? Open 1
Battel system questions? Open 1
Can any one give me an extra moded sheald? Open 1
Can i get achievemnts if i have a modded gun? Open 3
Can somebody please dupe me some modded gear? Open 2
Can you play with 2 characters from the same gamertag? Open 5
Can you play with the 3 other peaple with out live? Open 4
Can you play with your high level character in splitscreen? Open 4
Can you transfer a PC character onto the 360? Open 2
Cant find quest for the Lance Depot achievement? Open 3
Clap trap binary? Open 1
Do the weapons on this game have iron sights like in CoD, or is the aiming like it is in the halo series? Open 8
Does Ammo Regeneration affect Eridian weaponry? Open 1
Does anyone have a list of character locations? Open 1
Don't know what to do, can someone help me? Open 2
Duplicating weapons? Open 3
Eridian guns? Open 1
Game of the Year edition? Open 3
GLITCH or not? Open 4
Glitch? Open 1
Glowing power source? Open 1
Good weapons? Open 2
Graphics and Storyline? Open 4
Guardian kills? Open 1
Gunslinger mods and Loaded skill? Open 3
Has anyone elese found the same weapon twice? Open 8
Help with a Lillith build? Open 1
How bad are the mature humor jokes in this game? Open 1
How deep into the game before all the side quests are done? Open 2
How do I check my play time of my character in the game? Open 1
How do i enter to the DR Zed island????? Open 6
How do i get a moded sheild? Open 1
How do I get the Mad Moxxi achievements? Open 1
How do I get the pandora dog millionair? Open 1
How do I get to Lost Cave? Open 3
How do I modify my wepons? What website do I go to? Open 2
How do I unlock the big tournament achievment? Open 3
How do I unlock these achievements? Open 1
How do you access the "dashboard" on the pc? Open 1
How do you fix Achievment Glitches? Missing Facemelter(25) and Fully Loaded(10) and I beat both requirements. HELP! Open 5
How long does an item you sell stay in the machine? Open 1
How long is the game? Open 8
How to use the skill tree? Open 2
I need help with some achievements? Open 4
I've entred the vault area but nothing happened! no cutscene and no destroyer, glitch? help please! Open 1
In Co-Op how can both players unlock both gun slots? Open 1
Is Borderlands 2 coming out? Open 2
Is borderlands the sort of same platform as fallout3? Open 3
Is the Secret Armory the best DLC yet? Open 5
Is there a place where i can recharge my health for free near the first town? Open 3
Is this game ok for kids? Open 5
Length of DLC? Open 2
Locked doors in T-bone Junction? Open 2
Looking for co-op player? Open 1
Mission carry over? Open 3
Modded Class Mods? Open 1
Modded weapons? Open 2
Modding? Open 1
More than 2 people in one vech? Open 5
most powerfulest weapon constest (NO MODS)!?!? Open 7
Multiple characters on one account on an xbox? Open 3
My level 50 soldier lost all his skill points how do i get them back? Open 4
My lvl 50 soldier corrupted...any hope of salvation? Open 6
My mods got deleted after i downloaded an upgrade for the game online,can i get my mods back again with the upgrade? Open 8
Need Help Are there any saves in this game? Open 2
New level cap? Open 2
Ok the weapon i get after beating up dr ned the first time....? Open 2
Online Problem/Glitch? Open 2
Open World? Open 5
Problem on the vault level? Open 4
Problems and questions about DLC? Open 1
Profile I use for splitscreen was deleted. The save is still there, but I can't play it. Does anyone have the solution? Open 2
Question about Rolands impact skill? Open 1
Question about starting a new multiplayer game.? Open 2
Question about the DLC? Open 1
Replayable boss battles? Open 2
Respawning the last boss .. is it possible ?? Open 3
Skill bonuses from class mods not showing up? Open 1
Split screen achievements not unlocking? Raak Hive and "and they'll tell two friends Open 2
Splitscreen Live? Open 1
System link: 360+pc? Open 1
Unlimited cash? Open 4
Weapons lvl? Open 2
What all is in the DLC? Open 2
What is...? Open 2
What? Open 1
Where are the migets in the secret armory? Open 1
Who wants to be in a team? Open 2
why am I suddenly moving slow? Open 1
Why are the enemies in zombie island of dr ned lvl 35 when I'm lvl 53? Open 1
why can't I buy a weapon in Borderlands? Open 3
Why cant I fast Travel? Open 1
Why doesnt it save properly on campaine, co-op? Open 2
Why is my earned money amount in the negatives? Open 7
Why is my experience not going up on borderlands? Open 1
Will somebody please help me complete the Mad Moxxi DLC thing? Open 2
Will there be any more DLC after Claptrap's Revolution? Open 1

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