Question from BreakmanDX

How does the wishing fountain work?

The wishing fountain in the middle of town allows you to throw either a single coin or ALL your gold into it-- for the 'favor of the gods'. Whether I throw a single coin in over and over or all of my 100k+ gold on my Archer, it always says the gods accept my offering, and I can't figure out any actual use. Even the tooltips in the loading screens, which otherwise contain useful or obvious information, mention gaining favor through this fountain--but is its actual function or use known at all?


StompMNDaNuts answered:

I believe that you can just gain money from it. Its sort of a betting system. If u win u get a max of 100 gold i think, so putting all the money in is a waste if i remember right, but i would look it up further to completely answer your question.
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