Question from pursuedcharlie

How do I get past chapter 14?

In chapter 14 i have to go in to the mona lisa to save joe but for some reason can't go through the door i have tried loading my save but still can't get through the door can someone help?

LieutenantPob asked for clarification:

I don't want to have to do 14 all over again. I'm doing it on hard, so it's gonna suck to do it over.


La_morte_di_Dio answered:

The same thing is happening to me..
ani help would be nice
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guilhermeo9 answered:

Damn guys, its happening for me too, when i get to the part when you need to give Bruno's Money back, i can't go through the door, i saw some tutorials but in those, the door is brighter and you can do the action, in here its normal color and you cant do anything, ive waited for a while, ate my breakfast, when i went back, nothing happens.

Please if someone has a solution, answer for us, just one last chapter to finish the game.
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Xhenas answered:

Wow same thing is happening to me. it says open door but i cant. im assuming i have to get more money?
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ashesfall23 answered:

After i give the money back i get stuck at the loading screen...........
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Jakcass47 answered:

the exact same problem as ashesfall23, I give back the money, watch the cut scene and then it goes to load and the record spins and spins and spins and... Ive dashboarded and started over at the doctors 5 FREAKN TIMES uninstalled the game, reinstalled the game, turned off the box and tried again, same result every time and while its comforting tht Im not the only one havin that problem does anybody have a clue what 2 do ??
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Rob_1984au answered:

i'm having the same problem as "pursuedcharlie". When I get to the Mona Lisa the door is flashing but when I press X to open the door it just stops flashing but won't open. I've reloaded many times but it still won't open. I'm going to replay the chapter and hopefully it will sort itself out.
My guess is it's a coding glitch. Hopefully a patch over Live will fix it.
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EvilPomegranate answered:

EVERYONE, I HAVE AN ANSWER! pursuedcharlie, that happened to me too. What you have to do is restart the chapter. just go to load chapter, and go to 14. I know it's a pain, but you have to do it.
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bertie1984 answered:

I'm having trouble on this also..........I cant get past the warehouse bit........I get in there and always die from the fire bombs :(
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bigrune77 answered:

I HAVE ANSWER....ya, same thing happened to me. First Leo wouldn't follow me, so i had to do the whole level by myself. Then i couldn't go through the doors. It took me a few minutes of roaming around before i reloaded to the last checkpoint and then i could go through the doors. Then i would fall through the ground and fall forever right after leaving the doors. so I reloaded the chapter and everything worked out.
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duke1991777 answered:

So far its been the same for me, i got to the giving bruno money part, but the door wont open, and its not a money issue i think, i had the 50,000 and it wouldn't open so i robbed a few places, and lost the little wanted i had, so my total was 50,798 and no wanted lvl, and still wouldn't open.
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guildclaws answered:

Just replay chapter 14 again, that will fix the door problem
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daz965 answered:

Hey guys i sent a email to 2k games they are resolving the problem and an update will be avaliable soon for now they have a work around all u have to do is start chapter 14 again and when u get to raise money part just crush cars at junk yard no robbing stores that will solve problem until update is ready. Hope this helps all u gamers out there.
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eljefectw answered:

I've reloaded chapter 14, but still wont let me in the door
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