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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i give the money i owe to bruno?

I just got done fighting my out of the construction site killing all of vito's men now joe has sent me to go give the money we to bruno to bruno. but when i get to the location behind the building there is nothing to do. i cant click on any of the doors and there is no one there. am i in a glitch or am i misssing something

Additional details - 4 years ago

It has already given me the location and i have over the amount of money i need. so im really confused

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You probably don't have enough money rob the gun shop close by and it should show the area you go to

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You need $55,000 for Bruno.

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If allready got all the money but I don't know where to take it? And the map does not show me!!!! What gives...Im going to have to look in the strategy gueid....

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It did the same to me i had to replay the whole chapter twice to do it.

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