Question from poloosimon

How do I beat the orcs in dark water portal?

It because in front it is some viking but if i free them they dont help me:C?


geminidomino answered:

You don't. You have to sneak through Darkwater to get to the portal. Get in on the east wall where the tree-blanket has broken the spikes, sneak all the way across the town to the portal, and do your thing.

If you try to fight your way in, they will infinitely respawn, even if you do manage not to be torn into little bitty pieces of viking-kibble. :)
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krnbrd answered:

Ok i had troble with this to. what you wanna do is go around torward the east side of the fort, you shoulld see a rug hanging on the sde of the wall where there are no spikes. you can jump over that part. once in you want to head to your left stealth kill anyone you see after you see a legion beating one of your men.and before before you get on the archers tower.before you get on the tower youll have a chance to throw an axe at them do it. then youll be noticed, once noticed you need to kill the next tower of archers.then follow the way off and just run to the area where you charge the stone. if you get there kill anyone on the platform,no more should come if you kill them. if you die try using the meal you can buy and fill your stock onf throwing knives and health potions. good luck and the name of the game is speed and stealth.
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