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Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of
Darkness Achievement FAQ

Version 1.0

By Miles R. (eye 8 ur brains)

Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of 
Darkness is developed by Hothead Games and Penny Arcade.  
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Credit goes to tastefulmrship for the walkthrough that 
helped me and others get "Silent But Deadly," an almost 
impossible achievement! 

Credit Also goes to everyone at
who helped contribute to this guide.

For any questions or suggestions, contact me at using the subject line "FAQ 
question/suggestion." Or you could contact me through 
my Xbox Live Gamertag: eYe 8 UR BRAINS.

Table of Contents-

1. Stray Cat                     [#CAT]
2. All Together Now              [#ALL]
3. A Winner Is You               [#YOU]
4. Nine Lives                    [#NINE]
5. Pack Rat                      [#RAT]
6. Steel Devils                  [#DEV]
7. Pacifist                      [#PAC]
8. Fight 'Em With Items          [#EM]
9. Level Awesome                 [#LEV]
10. Clean Sweep                  [#CLSW] 
11. Final Boss Attack list       [#ATK]
12. Silent But Deadly Walkthrough by 
tastefulmrship                   [#TASTE]
13. My suggestions               [#MY]
14. Q & A                        [#QAA]


Stray Cat- [#CAT]
This is a story based achievement obtained quite early 
in the game.

All Together Now- [#ALL]
Wait untill all three characters have charged up 
their special attack (Y Attack) then on any character 
trigger the special attack by pressing Y and select 
the attack with x3 on the logo to obtain this 

A Winner Is You- [#YOU]
Complete the first episode. See [#TASTE]

Nine Lives- [#NINE]
Get an enemy down to 1hp then use T.Kempers attack. 
This attack only causes 1 damage. Alot of this is 
down to luck of getting an enemy to 1hp but if you 
are having trouble an easy way to do this is to start 
a new game and get it during the tutorial battle 
because you can not die during this battle. So you 
can get the enemies down to low hp and use T.Kempers 
attack more then once without the risk of being killed 
while waiting for the attack to recharge.

Pack Rat- [#RAT]
Find all twelve concept arts and all five music
albums listed below.

Concept Art 1 Location - Desperation Street - 
Cul-De-Sac - In your neighbours mailbox.
Concept Art 2 Location - Desperation Street - 
Cul-De-Sac - Mailbox on the opposite side of 
the road to 1205
Concept Art 3 Location - Desperation Street - 
The Orange Tree - Mailbox in front of 1121 
Desperation St.
Concept Art 4 Location - Anne-Claire's Room - 
The photo above the window.
Concept Art 5 Location - Anne-Claire's Room - 
The bed side lamp
Concept Art 6 Location - Hobo Alley - Cheswick 
& Grove - The wanted poser on Witch-B-Gone.
Concept Art 7 Location - Hobo Alley - West Chesnut 
Park - Rubbish Pile (Behind three animate trash 
enemies from the dustman mission)
Concept Art 8 Location - Hobo Alley - Grove Bend - 
Poster on the pub's window.
Concept Art 9 Location - Hobo Alley - The Sh*thole - 
Picture next to the entrance.
Concept Art 10 Location - Pelican Bay - Tollbooth - 
Ice cream sign just north of flying pricks darts 
Concept Art 11 Location - Pelican Bay - Midway - Red 
Poster to the left of where the floor is striped red 
and black.
Concept Art 12 Location - Pelican Bay - Permonade - 
The Heavy Anchor in the middle.

Music Record 1 Location - Desperation Street - 
Cul-De-Sac - The mailbox in front of where you find
T. Kemper.
Music Record 2 Location - Hobo Alley - The Sh*thole 
- Meat Grinder in the robot room.
Music Record 3 Location - Anne-Claire's Room - Behind 
Anne-Claire on the shelf.
Music Record 4 Location - Pelican Bay - Midway - 
Unlocks when you've solved the "Entertain Us" fortune 
(The second fortune in the Mistress Mysterious Case).
Music Record 5 Location - Unlocks when you complete 
the game.

Steel Devils- [#DEV]
To check to see if you have missed any robots, check 
the map to see if you are missing any weapon parts 
from any of the levels/zones. Once you have got all 
weapon parts from each level/zone you will unlock this 
achievement. Look in every milk bottle, seagull, and 
box that shakes to find the hidden ones. The parts on
the tables in the Sh*thole also count towards the 

Pacifist- [#PAC]
This is easily obtained in the tutorial battles before
you meet up with Gabe and Tycho. Just keep timing your 
blocks and you will start counter-attacking. Keep this
up until they are defeated.

Fight 'Em With Iems- [#EM]
Self-explanatory. Use all the items in the game. You 
will not find the last item until the last level.

Level Awesome- [#LEV]
Get all three characters to level 15, you will get 
this during the course of the game and while trying 
to get "Clean Sweep"

Clean Sweep- [#CLSW]
The enemies are easy to spot in the panels just make 
sure you don't skip any fights and kill all of them.

Attack list- [#ATK] 
Full Body Attacks
Rise of Damnation- hurts all characters and does about 
120 unguarded Effect: bringsdefense to 0
Hush- does about 75 unguarded Effect: none
Attack Up- He only uses this once

Down to Knees Attacks
Music of the Spheres- INCOMPLETE

Head attacks 
Personal Attention- does about 100 unguarded Effect: 
attack down
Gagging Gust- does about 75 unguarded Effect: none

Silent But Deadly Walkthrough by Tastefulmrship- 

Credit for the following goes to tastefulmrship from

How to kill Silent God without using HEALTH items.

Fill up your hot toddies (8x320 damage), explosive clown 
noses (4x160 damage) and dynamites (2x1260 damage). 
You'll need one final ingredient; all 5 double mild weak 
sauces to reduce his attacks to almost nothing. You'll 
also need some (or all) of your Support Characters ready 
to keep the battle flowing. (This is not vital as they 
will charge-up during the battle.)

Use up ALL of your explosive items. This will bring 
him down to around 38500HP.

His first move is always increase attack, so use your 
first DMWS to reduce it. (He doesn't seem to ever do 
increase attack again for some reason.) Make sure you 
use the item after he has done the increase attack, 
otherwise your DMWS will be canceled out.

Attack with normal attacks, remembering to keep an eye 
on the pink status icon above his strength bar and 
blocking any attacks he squeezes in. (Each attack will 
do around 600 damage.)(I tried using 3x Team-Up move, 
which does 3500+ damage to him, but you need to be good 
with your blocking as you'll be waiting ages between 

When you see the pink status icon disappear from his 
strength bar, just get one of your party to use another 
DMWS to decrease his attacks.

At about 38000HP he falls to his waist and at 24000HP 
he's down to just his head! This is where the fun 
begins. (You should still have over 300HP for every 
character. If not, don't worry. You can lose a 
character and still get the Achievement.)

From 24000HP onwards, you need to be good with your block 
when he charges you. The timing is pretty precise; he 
will lift a tentacle, then just as you see it move down, 
hit a trigger button to counter-attack. You'll probably 
be down to your last DMWS and once it goes, your timing 
is crucial. (You cannot COUNTER-ATTACK his other move, 
you can only block it.)

Keep pummelling and counter-attackinging away until he's 
finally defeated! (Give yourself a pat on the back!)

The real trick to this strategy is to try and keep the 
battle flowing as much as possible. If you're attacking 
him, he can't attack you! (The same applies to all 
enemies in the game.) So try to join the Support attacks 
with your Normal ones to minimise his opportunities.
It took me three attempts to get the Achievement and at 
the end Tycho still had 300+HP, the other two had 400+HP.

Credit ends here
My Suggestions- [#MY]

The Silent One is definitely a challenge to beat without 
health items if you're trying for the achievements. I 
suggest that you keep him from attacking by chaining 
your attacks with the help of support characters. What I 
did was maximized my prototype robot support character 
by using him in every battle I could before fighting the 
final boss. His attack gets stronger every time you use 
him. There is also an amusing sort of scene that occurs 
depending on how strong you have gotten him. 
The first scene shows you from a short distance away and 
then an explosion occurs, the second shows you from out 
of town and the explosion, and the third (my favorite) 
shows a view from space were there is a huge state sized 

What I find that keeps you alive is getting him down to 
his knees before he could use the Rise of Damnation which 
lowers your chances of survival by dropping your defense 
to 0. He is not too dangerous when he is down to his 
knees. You can't counter attack any of these attacks, so 
just keeping blocking. The one person you need to protect 
most is Tycho because he has the lowest amount of health 
if you are trying to get the immortal achievement, if not, 
then don't worry about him. Feed Tycho plenty of defense 
ups if you're looking for the Immortal achievement. 

Once the Silent One is down to his head, he starts 
attacking in chains which makes things a lot tougher. In 
order to kill him fast, avoid his "Personal Attention" 
attack because it lowers your attack. If he manages to hit 
you with it, then use an attack up item. You really need to 
learn to counter attack his tentacle attack because it will 
kill you fast. For some reason, he always targets Tycho 
although sometimes he will attack the others. You will 
probably have to fight this boss a few times like I did to 
get the hang of counter attacking and blocking. Once you 
have that down, you're all set! Good Luck!
Q & A- [#QAA]

Q: What is the final boss supposed to be, a giant squid?
A:He is actually the god, Cthulhu, dressed as a mime.

Q: Cthulhu? 
A: He is a fictional character from the stories written by
H.P. Lovecraft.

Q: How do I pronounce that?
A: ku-thoo-loo

Q: How can I help you complete your guide?
A: email me at or add me on
Xbox Live, gamertag eYe 8 UR BRAINS

Q: When does the second episode come out?
A: Quarter four of this year.