Question from Bazofir

What are those crystal skulls for?

I already collected 4 of them,but i cant figure out what do they do

Accepted Answer

zarachide answered:

The skulls unlock 3 achievements for you and provide additional points to your karma score, I believe it's 3% per skull added to your kill count, and the giant skull adds 10% (30 x 3% + 10% = 100%) having all skulls doubles the karma you get for kill count only i believe.
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naraku2099 answered:

The Crystal Skulls don't do anything per se. However, there are 3 achievements - Karma of the Warrior (Collect 10 Crystal Skulls) Karma of the Mentor (Collect 20 Crystal Skulls) and Karma of the Master Ninja (Collect all Crystal Skulls). You also apparently get a gamerpic of a Crystal Skull once you collect all 30.
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SDMF_TrueBlue answered:

The Giant Crystal Skull very much does something. For one it basically doubles enemies. Another attribute is that it also upgrades many enemies, essentially ramping up the difficulty.
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