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When do the stars activate??

I've beaten everything in braid apart from the stars, but the star in the house isnt there (the one in the world 3 room) im positive there is a star there because of a video on youtube i've seen, so can someone please tell me when they activate, or which one comes first? (if you have to get them in a certain order)


Accepted Answer

Spark0 answered:

All of the other stars can be gotten as soon as you unlock the level except for 1-1 which requires you to have all 7 stars beforehand.
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rawrownd105 answered:

You have to restart your game, it is now impossible to get that star because the painting is already assembled, and you need it in pieces to get that star.
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Groudon199 answered:

You need to have the world 3 puzzle not put together. Put 2 of the corner pieces to the top left so that the pieces form the bottom part of a star. If placed correctly, a star will appear in the world 3 room. Use the bridge on the world 2 puzzle to get this star.
So pretty much, you need to restart your game to get this star unless you haven't put the puzzle together.
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