Question from ripplerox

What are the 'PINK' items?

What is the significance of the items with the PINK glow that start to appear in World 5????


insanitycheck9 answered:

I am having the same question. Can somebody jump and help us out?
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tuzlowps answered:

Are you talking about the ones in world 5 (I think)? If you are, then those are the ones affected by your shadow character.
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naz-pl answered:

These are the objects that your doppelanger can interact with. Such as, it can pull a "pink" lever and such.
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tequilero answered:

Yes,Tims shadow is the one who can activate levers and open doors in pink.Just do everything normally,rewind and then the shadow will mimic what you just did.
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paganinio answered:

something you need to know about Tim's shadow (alternate ego):
1. He has to be standing on regular ground/platform. There's no "pink" platform. And the shadow cannot float in the air.
2. He interacts with pink objects.
3. Ground/platform is the only non-pink thing that he can interact with.
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