Question from monoplex

Asked: 6 years ago

After the 8 stars; now what?

I've gotten the eighth star and read all the hiden texts in Epilogue.
Is there some hiden super awesome thing I'm missing?

And, does the bathroom have to do with anything?

Accepted Answer

From: maga_power 6 years ago

After collecting all the stars, there is little to do.

you can approach the stars outside and press up to get a clear view of the constellation.

other then that, you just have the speed runs, though they pose little challenge other then the full game speed run that should take you 3+ tries.

and the bathroom has no function, other then eluding to the fact that there will be a PC version of Braid by showing some boxes with the letters W,A,S,D and Z (primary PC gaming buttons)

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Other than the plot resolution the 8th star gives you, there is nothing else that is unlocked. Now you can work on speed runs!

And the bathroom is there because the creator didn't think it was natural to have a house without a bathroom. It serves no functional purpose.

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