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"A Shot in the Dark"

Once upon a time, I loved when Cabelas would put out a new game. I, myself, am a hunter and loved to play these games out of season. So, naturally I ran out and bought this game...big mistake. From the moment the first "mission" loaded up, I knew this wasn't the Cabelas I was used to. This is a point and shoot game. I even shot a duck from really far a way with a bow....realistic ain't it?

Game play: The game play is what you would find in an arcade hunting game. Basically, it's not even hunting. When you start you either have 8 animals right in front of you or you have about 1,000,000,000 run in front of you non-stop. This game is not even fun. They did do something right this year, they added a feature where you have to hit the the right trigger then stop the bar in the middle to get a good animal call.

Controls: Basic controls nothing to fancy at all. Point, shoot, reload, repeat. There isn't even anything special with the calls, other then hit the trigger and then A to hopefully get a good call.

Graphics: Ok, so this game's graphics reminded me of launch titles, somewhere between XBOX and XBOX360. There are lots of jagged edges and what not. But, what do you expect from a $39.99 game?

Replayabilty: I tried 3 discs, I could not get past the Dakotas (Can't remember which one it is) with any of them. The game constantly skips around and I actually was in a "hunt" the birds would fly out and after I killed one it failed me even though I still had 1:30 on the clock. It's impossible to complete the hunts once your in the Dakotas.

Rent or buy: Neither, don't waste your money playing this game at all. Like I said I bought it so you don't have to.

Overview: Activision tried with this game to appeal toward the non hunters, which in turn took the game away from hunters. This is by far the worst game I have played. It looks like Activision just rushed this game out, I don't know why because there are no other hunting games out. I wasted my money on this, don't waste yours. Hopefully this will wake Activision up and they'll start producing games worth playing. This is honestly the last Cabela's game I will ever play. Hopefully you have read this review before you wasted your money on it.

This game receives a measly 1/10

Reviewer's Score: 1/10 | Originally Posted: 10/10/07

Game Release: Cabela's Trophy Bucks (US, 09/19/07)

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