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Asked: 6 years ago

What are the names of the enemy types?

Can't find what the different types of necromorphs are called. I'm sure someone has an official guide and can help me out. Thanks.

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From: Leprocotic 6 years ago

All the Necromorph names are listed here:

Just scroll down past the characters portion - it's right underneath it.

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Okay, the humanoid ones with knife looking arms, are called lancers
the ones that are just arms and a tail are called leapers, the squid looking things are called lurkers, the big guys that bust through doors and stuff are brutes, feel free to correct me, im getting it from my strategy guide :)

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Fattys are called pregnants.

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The human-like ones with knife arms, are called Slashers.
The fat slashers are Pregnants.
The big Ape-esque ones are Brutes.
The "squid ones" are actually infected fetuses but they are called Lurkers

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