Question from theblayner

Where would you find the Ping Tressure?

I have gone through the game numerous times and can not find that damn Treasure. Can anyone help me with it?


Yyybigra answered:

Without trying to spoil anything, in Chapter 11 there's one part where you have
to move a large object and get it onto a ship. Before you start though, you're
asked to disable the gravity. When you do so, the walkways near the ship lower.
Jump over to the right walkway (closest to the ship) and look down in the gap
between both walkways. Keep looking down here and walk along it and you should
see the model. Use Kinesis to grab it and pick it up with A.

The area it's located is the same place as where your ship crash lands in Chapter 1. This video should show you where it is.
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CRAXERSNAX9025 answered:

its where you start the game right when u crash on the usg ishimuraon chapter 1 play through it until chapter 11 go to where you crashed the ship and there will be this guy that tells u to get in the ship to leave and then he gets shot by that lady (not nicole) then look down to the right and it should be in the big opening if you cant find it its pinkish purple and keep using kinesis in the opening. :D
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Nemesis_489 answered:

It's actually pretty funny, the item will be there the entire time from the very beginning.
But you can only reach it in Chapter 11, when you begin the game keep your eyes in between the two bridges, you can see the figure when you've walked a little ways from your ship, once you have an idea of where it is: you can just run to it and grab it with your kinesis module before you do anything, or you can go through some of your objective and zero-g jump to it, but I recommend you just grab it with your kinesis, it will be a lot more safer than dodging/killing lurkers (baby necros).
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dialup2335 answered:

ch11 when you go back towards the ship you came in on look towards your right down in a tunnel, it looks like a grammy aha :D
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