Question from JerkMaGerk

How do i use the gas stove to kill luke in teh Barbershop mission?

Ive turned it on but short of shooting at it i xant think of what to do to make it explode


DrNewcenstein answered:

He smokes. I think. I dropped an explosive charge and set it off at the bottom of the stairs. Took out the chick in the store and the cop out front, which didn't go over too well with the townsfolk.

Not sure if it's supposed to blow up or just gas him, though.

Drop a bottle outside the back door of the donut shop to get the sniper rifle, though, so you can snipe him from across the street.
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KindredWarr answered:

It's actually really easy. Wait for him to be by the stove and shoot inside one of the windows (I waited in the alley by the auto shop and used a single silver baller round). the spark from the bullet impact does the rest.
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guitarman324 answered:

I'm not 100%, but try using the explosives in the upstairs room, the ones beside the closet. It should give you 2 options. One to pick up an explosive so you could drop it somewhere else. The OTHER option is to arm ALL explosives. They should all blow up big enough to kill him and ignite the gas from the stove making it look like an accident. Give that a try.

That's how they make the explosion like you've probably seen in some of the commercials or footage I've seen in IGN & Gamespot Review videos.
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LarryLOLs answered:

You shoot it. If you're looking to satisfy the challenge it's much easier with Tyler.
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