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What are criteria for Angel of Death 2 challenge?

What exactly are the criteria for the Angel of Death 2 challenge in the Attack of the Saints level?

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Been there, done that. Can you be a bit more specific i.e. what NOT to do and how to specifically kill targets e.g. stealth/accidental kills, can you use silenced silverballers etc.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Finally did it!

Played the entire level through without being spotted or reloading or using any checkpoints.

All kills were silent using the fibrewire apart from one of the Saints at the start of the "Reception" who I pulled over the counter and broke her neck.

You CAN use disguises for this challenge.

Best distraction to use in Cornfield stage is the radio.

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Let civilians die and kill everyone undetected, upon detection restart level.

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After nearly a hundred attempts at "Angel of Death Pt.2", I finally unlocked it. The criteria I used were the following:
1. Only wear the black suit the you find near the door of your motel room.
2. Kill all Saints and ICA henchmen with fiberwire.
3. Do not kill the two civilians, use throwing objects to distract the guards and kill them where the hostages can't see. And don't let civilians see you with a weapon equipped.
4. Do not let any bodies be discovered.
5. You may never be spotted.

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The above Answer is not really correct. It depends on difficulty if you have to wear the suit. People have won this challenge using guard outfits. I have tried both ways and never spotted, all bodies hidden and yet not get the reception part listed as a win.

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