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How the hell do I save my game on xbox?

I played the game for about 8 hours the other day completing all the challenges for the first two levels, I decided to take a break and went to the main menu and then quit the game under the assumption that the game was auto saving. When I went back to play again there was no save data at all and I could only start a new game.
The same thing happened today and I'm really pissed off about it. There arent any options regarding the auto save feature, and don't tell me its that bug that makes the game crash because my game runs perfectly and hasnt crashed at all. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!


m4rioman answered:

As far as i know there is an autosave (my game can be quitted randomly and then start at the beginning of the mission) so there might be something wrong with your game i dont think there is a manual way to save
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acidvoldo answered:

Do you have enough memory on your HDD.
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scXthursday answered:

It's a bug that makes your game crash. I'm serious. If you're still having problems either try another copy of the game, the digital version on XBL downloads (released for free as of 4/1/2014-4/15/2014 as part of the games with gold). Even if you think your game is perfect and flawless in every way (you come off as a 12 year old kid, either that, or you haven't realized that everything in the world, no matter what, lacks perfection), it could be the game. If trying or download absolution still makes it to where you cannot auto-save, you need to format your 360's hard drive, as there are possibly corrupted files you need to get rid of. But hell, what do I know, you probably got rid of your 360 to buy a Xbox one (or had mommy and daddy do it for you considering you're 12 and you don't have a job).
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