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Cheats or infinite ammo and health?

Are there any cheats like infinite ammo and health or does it have to be unlocked?

coreofeden asked for clarification:

Give me some unlimited cash and i believe its a walk in a park.....

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Vamphaery answered:

Not thus far. Many players hope some will eventually surface or get published somewhere. So far there aren't any, though.
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Crockeo answered:

As Vamphaery said, not so far, but people are hoping they surface, or get patched in.
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spikeyhorn answered:

i heard somewhere eidos/avalanche are working on a new mode, something like 'Crackdown's key's to the city mode.
but it will cancel out achievements and saving etc, and no cheats have surfaced, but many people hope.
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bloodless_snow answered:

If you need cash fast then find an airfield with a military jet with rockets and guns and just perform bombing runs sporadically across the map, you uncover locations as well as make a ton of cash fast.
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jokerlucas answered:

never use hax,LOL!
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coreofeden answered:

Bombing runs does sound fun....
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i_706_i answered:

Causing chaos will earn you cash, personally I find the easiest way to get it is to just clear out towns and military bases 100%. Not only does it earn you lots of money, chaos and parts but you are also working towards several achievements.

However there is a way to get Infintite Money. The races will give you $20,000 every time you finish them regardless of if you've done it before or if you beat your best time. $20,000 isn't very much, however if you do a short race, such as the freefall ones in the city where you just have to jump off a building and parachute through 5 or so checkpoints it would be pretty quick. Even so, I haven't had to resort to this yet as I haven't even cleared out half of the towns in the game yet and already have over $3,000,000.
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